Feel Good: Thrive in Your Environment: Embrace Down Times

Today, March 1, is National On Hold Day.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
Theodore Roosevelt

Today is the perfect day to embrace down times.  What do you do when you find yourself on hold?  When you are chilling in your paper dress in the doctor’s office, hanging out on the phone while someone in India remotely fixes your computer, or when your friend calls to let you know they are stuck in traffic, but will join you at the restaurant as soon as possible…what do you do with your time?  And how is your attitude?

Are you inconvenienced or are you enjoying this time to relax and do something you just want to do and hope you get an additional 5 minutes or so to continue in this pattern?

I love down time.  I have an iPhone full of apps like Words with Friends (start a game with me, my name is ~jodi~), Kindle (currently reading Mars and Venus on a Date by John Gray), iMovie (which allows me to make slide shows of weekend outings with my bf – they are my version of love letters), and so many others I wish I had more time to play with.

Today’s Simple Smile Igniter:

Embrace down times.  Before you head out today, make a phone call, or go to that next appointment make sure you have something you would love to do during your down time.  The next time the slightly stressed receptionist has to tell you the doctor is running 15 minutes late it is ok because you have just been blessed with 15 minutes of YOU time.

I’d Love to Hear from YOU:

In the comments section below please let me know your favorite way to spend your down time and when you typically find that time in your schedule.


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