Feel Good: 13 Resources for Making Hand Crafted Body Washes and Scrubs

The guest post by Roz Walker on Friday, March 25 How to Get Radiant Skin Naturally and the rising costs of everything at the grocery store has inspired me to research how to make body washes and scrubs. 

I have gathered the links I thought the most beneficial into this post for your reference as well.


There was one webpage that sent me to an odd place, but contained an interesting recipe.  I copied that recipe here for our reference:

Citrus Scrub

Do not throw away orange, lime or lemon peels.  Dry them thoroughly till they are brittle.  While drying tem, keep them away from sublight.  Powder them and keep them in a jar.  Take two tablespoons of the dried peel powder, two tablespoons of wheat bran or porridge grains.  Add to this half tablespoon of honey and a little milk to make a coarse paste.  Before a bath, rub this all over your neck, arms, body and legs.  Use rough circular motions as you go along.  This will help exfoliate dead skin.  Then bath normally.  It’s a wonderful body scrub and so easy to make at home and the effects are immediately visible.  Leaves you feeling squeaky clean.

Today’s Smile Generator Idea:

Create a body wash or scrub that sooths, renews, and helps you Feel Fabulous on this Friday.

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