Social Connections: Invest Time and Energy in Friendships: 5 Ways to Share Abundantly

“Share your M&Ms. There are bags and bags of them all over the place. If you give them one of yours, even one of the green ones, you will not be lacking. Honust Injun. Now apply this to Time, Concern, Touch, Interest and Being Vulnerable.”

Hugh Elliott, Standing Room Only weblog, 02-14-03
Author of the Standing Room Only Weblog (

Sharing without lack is a life changing concept.  Today share as though sharing opens a flow of more positives into your life.  Today share yourself in one or all of the below 5 ways.

Time. In today’s on the run world it is easy to get stingy with our time.  Giving others our time is a gift to them and to us, but if you find yourself wondering how you will ever create more time to give, try this experiment.  Ask the universe to expand your time so you can give to others who need you, maintain your relationships, follow your inspirations, and get all the things you need done completed.  I don’t know why I forget to do this so often or why this works at all.  Does time really expand or does my “I have all the time I need and more mindset” help me release the time drains and use my time more beneficially?  Give this a try and let me know if you are able to expand your time.

Concern.  How many times have you heard a comment from a friend, but you did not have the time or energy to give to them at that moment?  How many times have you felt a nagging to call someone just to check in and chat, but did not call, only to later find out they probably could have used your concern at that time.  Has there ever been a time when you felt a concern for another person, but put it aside instead of expressing it.  Today follow those gentle and not so gentle tugs at your intuition with a phone call or text, coffee break, or date on your non-date night.

Touch.  As a single woman touch is something that lacks in my life.  Although I do not consider myself to be a “touchy” person, at times I long for a tender touch, a held hand, someone to snuggle with, or a hug.  There is positive energy in a welcomed touch. Today follow your instincts and appropriately touch a friend with a welcoming hug, a hand on theirs during a conversation, or a fun tap on the arm after a joke.

Interest.  Now I know sometimes it is difficult to show interest for some who may drone on about a topic you care little about.  But today make even those conversations less about the topic and more about the individual.  Ask about the individual and actively listen.  Sometimes people use a conversation about stuff to blockade themselves from true connection.  Today show real interest in those you talk to.  Do not talk about the weather unless you are planning a picnic or some other outdoor activity.  When you ask “how are you today?” slow down, make eye contact, and be interested in their response.  Share your interest and watch your relationships flourish.

Being Vulnerable.  This one can be scary, but it is also a game changer.  I believe when a person knows how to love you they also know how to hurt you.  And once we allow someone into our lives we also allow them to choose to love us or hurt us.  Being vulnerable is entrusting another with our emotions.  The payoff can be spectacular, devastating, or somewhere in between.  Our outer response is within our control, but the inner response is harder to control.  However, being vulnerable reveals who we are dealing with and allows us to grow as individuals.  Today open your heart, your thoughts, and yourself to others.  If this is a scary request, try it with those you trust only.  May the love you receive back transition you to a place of confidence.

Today’s Smile Igniter:  Sharing of ourselves is a kindness, peace, and love multiplier.  The more we share the more we inspire others to share.  Slow down, give of yourself, and watch your positive energy flow to and through those you connect with today.

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