Practice Positive Thinking: Watch Your Words Part 7

The words you use are a direct reflection of what is happening within you.  And the words you use have a direct impact on your conscience and subconscious thoughts.  If you are making changes in your life, changing your use of words and phrases is a great place to start and consistently monitor.

I believe this is so important I have broken the list of 12 words from Debbie Friedman’s Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind Program into several blog posts.  Every Monday for the next few weeks I am posting about the power of words with a word or phrase to eliminate, why it’s important, and some possible replacements.

This week as we eliminate the words and phrases that do not serve us, let’s consider the use of


“Should” is a judgmental word.  When you use the word should about yourself it means you think you have not lived up to some expectation of yourself or from others.  Stop judging yourself and decide to do or not do the thing you are considering.

To transition out of using “should” replace it with a decision.  State what you are going to do.

Here is an example:

  • I should go to the gym today.
  • After writing today I will take the dogs for a 40 minute walk.

Read those statements out loud, can you hear how the first statement is a judgement about yourself?  Can you hear how the later phrase is decision and action oriented?

Now it’s your turn…tap the comments link below and please share with me how you are removing the “should” from your life and taking control by making solid decisions.

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