Passion: Create a Passion Portfolio: 29 Thought Provoking Questions to Help You Find YOUR Passion

Your passions are what matters most to your soul.  Passions ignite your spirit, provides mental and often physical stimulation, and engulf you.  Passions often start out in small ways; interest in a new hobby, an instructor bringing you new ideas, or trying out a new job.  That ignited spark grows into an interest that burns within you, it captivates you, makes you feel alive, creative, happy, free, and brings a sense of belonging.

“The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.”

Alfred Lord Tennyson
English poet (1809 – 1892)

Many people get lost in the notion of finding their passion when our passions are already pulling at our spirits.  Just a few minutes of self reflection will allow us to connection with those internal desires.

If you are searching for what truly ignites you go through a few of these thought provoking questions.  They are designed to draw from you what you are passionate about.  Passions are about activity, so do not merely read through this list, but grab a cup of tea, a journal and pen and start writing down the activities, people, and places that come to mind as you read through the below list of questions.

  1. A state of FLOW is when you are doing something and you lose all sense of time because you are so engulfed and stimulated by your current activity.  When was the last time you worked on something until the wee hours of night?  Or missed an event because you could not break free of something you loved doing?
  2. As adults we often trade FUN for productivity. But what are the fun activities in your life, those things you do just for the “fun of it”?
  3. Many passions start from a place of CURIOSITY.  We have interest in a certain topic, activity, or event and desire to explore it “when we have time”.  This exploration will often lead to a newly uncovered passion.  What are the things you are curious about?
  4. Many of us turn our HOBBIES into our careers. The corporate goals, co-workers and bosses can lead to forget that this is something we would do without a paycheck and at some point in our lives probably did just because it was fun.  What are your hobbies?
  5. What do you like to READ about?  Are there certain sections of a bookstore that you always migrate into?  You are probably very knowledgeable about these areas since you read so much about them or of their type; this is a clear sign to a passion.
  6. What WEBSITES do you visit the most?  There is probably a common theme in what you read for fun verses what you use as general reference.  What is the common theme?
  7. What type of MOVIES do you like to watch?  Which movies have left a lasting impression on you?  Is there a common theme running through your favorite movies?  Or have you watched many movies and would you be interested in a movie discussion or review club?
  8. What do you KEEP RETURNING TO in your life?  These are things you do that you fall back on often.  Hobbies you go to when you go to your “happy place”.  Our lives often follow consistent threads.  What are those threads that seem to weave your phases of life together?
  9. What events over the last 12 months were most EXCITING to you?  Which events would you like to live all over again because they were simply amazing and made you feel really good?
  10. Living vicariously through others is an indicator that something is missing from your life or there is a desire waiting to be filled.  What have your friends or colleagues done recently that made you BURN WITH ENVY?
  11. Your INTUITION is your subconscious calling you.  You have gone through many thought provoking questions and it is possible that your subconscious is tying together pieces of your life and trying to show you a common theme and passion.  Are you receiving any pulling at your heart and mind right now?
  12. Typically what we are GOOD AT is what we are passionate about.  What jobs, projects, or hobbies are you good at?  What do people come to you for?  What do you get paid to do?
  13. So many of us have SECRET DREAMS that we really want to pursue.  These can fall in align with our current careers or be something in a completely different field.  What are your secret dreams and aspirations?
  14. Chances are if you are reading this you have GOALS you have been working towards.  What are your goals?  What do you really want to achieve and are taking intentional steps towards achieving?
  15. If you have to choose ONE THING to do for the rest of your life right now, what would you choose?  Or flip it, if there was one thing you could never give up, what would you never part with?
  16. What do you LOVE?  What makes your heart beat faster and puts a smile on your face?  These could be things about life in general or specific things about you.
  17. God has blessed you with many gifts and TALENTS.  These seem to come naturally to you, they are easy and enjoyable.  What are your God given talents?
  18. Thinking about and doing certain things almost always puts a SMILE on your face.  What is that thing that ignites happy thoughts and makes you smile?
  19. There are certain topics, thoughts and images that SPARK YOUR CREATIVITY.  What are those things that make you think, jot down notes, and make you want to drop everything to do this one thing?
  20. When we are really into something we like to TALK ABOUT it, perhaps a bit too much for those who are around us a lot or just don’t share that passion.  What are those topics you like to talk about and form your thoughts around?
  21. Fear of failure will stop many from trying new things, but often when there is a real passion you are UNAFRAID OF FAILURE and you learn what you need to learn to get started, gather what you need to gather, and head out to embrace your passion.  After all what you don’t know you can learn along the way, fear will not prevent you from fully engaging and loving life.
  22. At the end of your life do you think there is anything you will REGRET NOT HAVING TRIED?  Or are you already living with some of those regrets?  These regrets could be pointing to a passion or an area of live that needs to be passionately revised.
  23. Cultivating a passion makes one FEEL WHOLE.  There is a sense of belonging that comes with doing what you are passionate about.  What makes you feel whole?
  24. There are times in life when we can not participate in what we are passionate about and we MISS IT.  What do you miss most if you do not do it?
  25. DAYDREAMS are a way of exploring or engaging with our passions when we must do other things or do not have the necessary energy.  What do you find yourself daydreaming about?
  26. We have a tendency to learn a lot about our passions, what could you TEACH OTHERS?
  27. Many times the POSITIVE CHANGE we would like to make in the world is a sign of our passions.  What positive change would you like to make, how would you make it, and why?  
  28. The PERSONAL CHANGES you have made in your own life would be beneficial for others to make as well.  For personal changes to take place you took passionate action and learned a lot about that specific area and how to make change.  Are you passionate about this area?
  29. In all of our crazy schedules we tend to MAKE TIME FOR what we love to do, the people who feed our souls, and the things we are passionate about.  What do you make time for not matter how busy your schedule?

By now you have a healthy list of potential passions.  I am sure a few common themes have ignited you with possibility and perhaps new ideas are distracting you right now.  That is a great thing.  If you are distracted by potential and a real interest to do something else you have found your passion.

Narrow your list down to the few that ignite your smile.  This list is your PASSION PORTFOLIO.


Add Yours
  1. Rhonda Neely

    Jodi, your passion shines through your posts!!! Isn’t it a great feeling to be involved in something you have such great passion for? I know it is for me. It’s what drives me every day!!!

  2. Jackie Paulson Author

    I agree with Ronda Neely, your writing is passionate. You love to write and share good vibrations around the world. I am seeking what I am passionate about right now. This is going to be fun to do this weekend, in my notebook full of ideas. TY Jackie

  3. Jackie Paulson Author

    I really enjoyed this post. You need to write a book and keep blogging. I just keep coming back for more.
    I love to read, write, do book reviews, learn, law, cleaning, organizing,Law of Attraction anything. I wish I could think of a career with reading. I wish I could open a business reading but how???

    • 100smilechallenge

      Hi Jackie,
      Professional reader…is that an editor?
      With the trend of e-books are professional editors being “forgotten”?
      What if you were an editor and reviewer of e-books?
      Just an out there thought.

      Thank you for the encouragement.
      I do plan to combine posts into a book at some point.
      I have lots of ideas, just need to put aside consistent time to write.

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