100 Smile Challenge: On this National All or Nothing Day will YOU Go For It or Forget It?

Today, July 26, is National All or Nothing Day.

Today is the perfect day to either GO FOR IT or FORGET IT.  Today is the day to quit making excuses, silence the beliefs that prevent you from moving forward, fully own your choices, and either forget it or embrace what you want and go for it.

Let’s look at each one of those a little closer…

Quit Making Excuses.  This includes letting go of the reasons you are delaying.  When I was a rower years ago, we practiced at 4:45 five mornings a week, when someone was late it delayed practice, we needed them in the boat.  No excuses was our mantra.  One morning when one of the rowers finally arrived at practice she started to offer her excuse, we cut her off (No Excuses), her response was that there was a “reason” for being late.  Reasons are just justified excuses, but excuses never the less.  Today is the day to put all the excuses and reasons to rest it is National All or Nothing Day.

Silence the Limiting Beliefs.  We all have limiting beliefs.  Regardless what we show to the world or how much power we give them over our lives, we all have those thoughts inside that maybe we can not achieve, we don’t have what it takes, we will fail…go ahead fill in this blank with the limiting belief in your head…_________________.  At the same time we have the empowering beliefs that make you want to go for it.  On this National All or Nothing Day which will you give more power to?

Fully Own Your Choice.  Today I grant you complete power to own your choice.  To make a decision and stand by it.  Today I grant you the power to go for it or forget it…you choose.

Forget It.  I will be the first to admit not all ideas should be pursued.  It is ok to say no to some things.  Actually if you are going to go for what you really want in life you are going to have to say no to a few other ideas and options.  Instead of saying no to what you really want, say no to a few things today that are distractions which prevent you from going after your true desires.

Embrace What You Want.  As a life coach and professional encourager, nothing inspires me more than someone who embraces what they want and really goes for it.  I’ll tell you what, if today you decide to go for it I will give you a completely free coaching session where we can clarify your goal, identify those limiting and empowering beliefs you have about it, remove some of the obstacles, and set your plan (or create it if you are at that point) in motion.

To claim you FREE coaching session just add a comment to this e-mail stating that you are ready to go for it.  I will contact you through e-mail to establish a time for us to talk. 

Today’s Simple Smile Igniter is to either Go For It and Forget It.  You know what it is that will set your heart on fire, ignite your passion, and put a smile on your face.  Today clear out a few things that are preventing you from going for it and take solid steps in the direction of your deepest desire. 

Happy National All or Nothing Day 🙂


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  1. amethystmahoney

    I enjoy the spirit in which this post was written. However, I left the “All or Nothing” black and white thinking behind years ago. So…I’ll think about it. 🙂

    Great post, though!

    • 100smilechallenge

      You know Debi…there is a lot to be said for timing.

      We can not do all the things we want to do at all times. Coordinating the wedding that takes place on Saturday and participating in the blog challenge is giving those things your all. Once you have achieved those you will have the time to pursue your real dream.

      Enjoy the journey you are on. 🙂

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