Find Your Passion Challenge: What is Holding YOU Back?

If you have identified a true passion, something you want to pursue in life, but find you are not making any real progress in the pursuit of this dream there may be some real reasons why you are feeling held back.  Today let’s explore a few of those…

Mindset.  Henry Ford said “If you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are right.”  What are your beliefs about YOU pursuing your passions?  What are your beliefs about OTHERS pursuing their passions?  If in answering these questions you find your beliefs may be limiting your pursuit please take a few minutes to make a limiting vs empowering list of beliefs. 

On one side of a piece of paper list the beliefs that limit or restrict your passion pursuit, such as “I’m too old to make a change now.”, “I don’t know how to sew, but I think quilts are gorgeous”, or “I’m too old to walk a marathon.”  On the other side of the piece of paper list your empowering beliefs, such as “I can do anything I put my mind to.”, “I have a head knowledge of stained glass, I just have to give it a try.”, or “1 hour a day pursuing my passion instead of watching tv will fulfill me.”

Now reframe all the limiting ones, that you did not naturally reframe.  For example, the limiting belief of “I am too old to walk a marathon” can be reframed into an empowering belief of  “Walking is just putting one foot in front of the other.”  Then when the limiting belief creeps in on mile 11 of your training walk remind yourself of your new reality that “Walking is just putting one foot in front of the other” and notice the smile that comes across your face.

Other Responsibilities.  As much as the over committed in me does not want to admit it, sometimes we need to wait until we have completed one of our other commitments or taken care of other responsibilities before we bring something else into our lives.  If you are planning a wedding, going to school, or your children are young and require much of your attention you may need to put on hold a new passion pursuit until you have more time, finances, and mind-space.  On the other side there could be responsibilities in your life that are great, but not leading you to the life you really desire.  You may need to complete or simply end some of those responsibilities because although they are good they are not fulfilling you and they are taking your limited resources.

Too Much Other Stuff.  One of the simplest things to do in life is to fill it with stuff.  If this is true for you, you may need to take some time to create space in your life and eliminate distractions.  I will write more on this topic another time, but for now look at what is causing distractions or simply eating your time without fulfilling you.  These are probably things that need to be eliminated from your life or dealt with in a new way.

Lack of Focus.  I am a project manager, yet I strongly believe in following my intuition.  At times those can be in conflict.  To maintain my focus I keep a loosely held plan, know my boundaries and deliverables, believe my intuition delivers critic in the moment information, reserve time, and seek progress over a perfectly implemented plan.  When it comes to you achieving a goal, what are the guidelines that work best for you?  What helps you maintain your focus when life and well-meaning others may bring a consistent stream of distraction?  When it comes to following a passion, implementing some of your best goal setting and getting strategies will benefit you.

Lack of Self Care.  When we are not taking adequate care of ourselves it is just a matter of time before we run out of resources.  We will run out of energy in one form or another.  If we are not taking care of our bodies, we are tearing them down and they will require us to stop at some point.  If we are not taking care of our emotional selves we will tire of those counting on us eventually.  If we are not taking care of our personal fulfillment we will simply run dry and not be able to inspire those who look to us.  We owe it to ourselves and all those we come in contact with to take the best care of ourselves that we can.  Pursuing your hearts greatest desire and true passion is an act of self care.

Lack of Energy.  Knowing your energy patterns, how to maximize your energy levels, and understanding when your energy is off are really important in one’s pursuit of a passion.  For example, when it comes to me writing this blog I know I am most creative and mentally sharp when I have 7 hours of sleep, a glass of water, and write first thing in the morning.  If I wait to write in the evening, I can research, but I just do not have the energy, clarity and creativity to write.

Lack of Motivation or Inspiration.  If you are lacking motivation and inspiration maybe you have chosen the wrong passion to pursue.  Did you follow a should instead of a want?  Did you settle for an easier path instead of an unknown one?  Did you follow an opportunity instead of a passion?  Did you seek financial profit above your hearts desire?  Or are one of the about areas (Mindset, etc) causing a lack of motivation and inspiration?  

If any of the above areas are causing problems for you in your passion pursuit, explore it further so you can overcome it.  My desire for you is to live the fullest most brilliant life available to you.  I believe the only way to do that is to pursue your heart’s desires. 

If any of these are simply stopping you and you believe speaking to someone would help you let’s talk.  I am happy to speak with you and help you get moving towards your greatest fulfillment.

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