Live an Empowered Life: Determine Your Values and the Mark You Want to Make on the World

Every 1,440 minutes of our days grants us the opportunity to create a body of work that supports the mark we want to make on the world.  When we live authentic lives that support what we have determined to be of real value and support the contribution we want to make we live fulfilled and with purpose…we live empowered.

“That’s what building a body of work is all about. It’s about the daily labor, the many individual acts, the choices large and small that add up over time, over a lifetime to a lasting legacy. It’s about not being satisfied with the latest achievement, the latest gold star, because the one thing I know about a body of work is that it’s never finished. It’s cumulative. It deepens and expands with each day you give your best. You may have setbacks and you may have failures, but you’re not done. You haven’t even started.”

Barack Obama, Arizona State Commencement Speech, 2009
44th President of United States (1961 – )

It is an interesting concept to think of ones life as a body of work.  It requires me to ask myself a series of questions.

Is my CAREER making a difference?  Does the product I create make life easier, special, provide a service or benefit?  Does the company I work for contribute to the community, improve the lives of the workers, and provide fair salaries and benefits to its employees?  Am I able to financially care for my family and “world” as I desire?

Do my VOLUNTEER activities fill a needed gap in my community?  Are people better off because I gave of my time and energy?

Am I raising CHILDREN who will contribute to the world and their community?  By the time they leave my nest, will they be ready to give to the world and not drain its resources?  Do they know they are loved beyond measure and understanding?  Do they know how to love beyond comprehension?

Is my BLOG bringing about smiles and improving the lives of my readers?  Am I reaching those who need more smiles in their lives?  Is this the best use of my time?  Is blogging making me and others happier?

Are my FRIENDSHIPS adding to the well-being of my friends?  Is the connection I am making with others adding to my general happiness in life?

Is my LIFE putting more smiles on more faces, putting more happiness in more hearts, and making a contribution that improves the quality of living for other people in the world?

It is easy to get distracted and find oneself sucked into busyness instead of creating a body of work that contributes to others, delights ourselves, and inspires many.  Part of empowerment is knowing how to use your time, energy, and other resources for your desired purpose.  Take a few minutes to explore the areas of your life.  If you find areas that are not creating the body of work you desire as a legacy, now is the time to use your power to make some necessary and desired changes.


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