100 Smile Challenge: National Lemonade Day

Today, August 20, is National Lemonade Day.

Today’s Simple Smile Igniter is to make lemonade.  You can do it literally,  like I have.  I am sitting at my front porch table with a pot of blooming lilies, my laptop, and a fresh glass of iced lemonade.  And you can do it figuratively.  Today is a great day to take the lemons life has given you and view them as a blessing. 

The saying goes, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

What are the lemons in your life?  Those things that either you have in mounting abundance, that have the possibility to turn from blessing to burden, or the things that some may see an unfavorable. 

It truly is up to the individual if something is a blessing or a burden.  Either way the first step is knowing what your lemons are.

In my life my lemons are apples (I have 9 apple trees on my .29 acre city lot), a natural enthusiasm to pursue my interests and passions (there are so many things I REALLY like to do, boredom is never an issue for me), and a light-hearted but responsible disposition (I am pretty laid back yet focused).

The second step is ensuring the lemons are blessings.

All of these could be burdens, but the path to more smiles is to claim these as blessings.  My home is overrun by apples, but I freely share them with neighbors and preserve them in many forms when they are abundant.  My ideas and interests are many, but I allow myself to flow with them while allowing a few to hold my attention.  And I am laid back, but understand the responsibilities I have to myself and others so I maintain a focus on the body of work I want to achieve and the impact I want to have on the world.

Today is National Lemonade Day and Today’s Simple Smile Igniter is to Make Lemonade. 🙂


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  1. Tia Bach

    Love the post and how Lemonade Day sparked it. I especially loved the path to more smiles was to turn burdens into blessings. Thanks for making my day sweeter.

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