October New Habit Challenge: Day 1: Welcome to the Challenge

For the last few months I have decided on a monthly new behavior to solidify in my life.  As a result I have transformed my morning routines at work and home with new behaviors and processes that better support my personal life and career.  It feels good to have a few more simple processes on auto-pilot.  All have really been minor tweaks that have made a world of difference in how I set myself up for success at home and work.

Developing a new habit is about putting a small piece of your life on auto-pilot.  As we consistently perform a new activity we start to move a behavior from consciously telling ourselves to perform an activity to an unconscious process.  We build new neuro pathways in our brain that incorporates that new habit automatically.  All of a sudden we stop beating ourselves up for not having our act together and notice that we have (and can build more) processes that sustain us.  And most importantly we develop a track record of success.

Consistently building new habits allows you to establish or add to your track record of success and demonstrates that you can do anything you set your mind and intentions to.  Even if your habit is to make your bed every morning the process of turning this from a challenge to a success will show you that you can obtain anything you set your mind to.  Every time you see that well made bed before starting the rest of your day will consciously and subconsciously tell you that you are successful and will apply those same success processes to other areas of your life.  That one simple new habit will have a positive ripple effect across all areas of your life.

Each day in the month of October I will blog about creating a new habit and share my application of these tips as I create better habits that support my blogging goals.  I invite you to join me on this journey by deciding on a new habit that would support you on your journey towards a goal in your life.

This month I have selected a habit to go to sleep by 10PM each night.  I have recently been staying up way too late at night instead of getting the sleep that allows me to perform at my best each day and rise early to greet the most productive and creative time of my day with positive energy.

This habit may seem removed from my blogging goal.  You may be asking, “Why don’t you just create the habit of blogging everyday?”  Well I debated that.  I decided to take the approach of creating habits that support those things I want to do in life.  Underlying my new habit of getting a good night of sleep is a goal to blog daily, but I know blogging daily will not happen unless I get back on a full night of sleep and early wake up schedule.  You see my most productive and creative time of the day is mornings and if I am going to blog it is in the mornings.  When I stay up too late at night I exchange blog time for late night time.  So going to bed at 10PM will allow me to wake up at 5AM to greet you each morning right here on my blog.

Are you joining me for this new habit challenge?  If you are, please select your habit to create now.  You can chose a specific goal, like blogging daily, or one that supports a goal, like a full night of sleep.  Please let me know you are joining me for this months challenge in the comments section of this post.  And let me know what habit you are creating.  Then if you need a daily reminder subscribe to this blog and receive the daily posts for the challenge of the month in your daily e-mail.

Thank you for joining me and I’ll meet you here tomorrow.

If you would like support in creating new habits that could increase your life satisfaction consider my FREE Program 30-Days to a New Habit.  You can receive the 30 daily action plans via daily e-mails when you send a blank e-mail to new_habit@weber.com


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  1. Martha Giffen

    We are definitely drinking the same water! I truly believe that the only thing that stands in the way of our success are our own bad habits. Good for you that you are starting the month with habit-changing in mind. We’ll both be fantastic bloggers after it’s all said and done! LOL Glad to be joining you on this journey. Good luck to you!

    • 100smilechallenge

      Thank you Maureen 🙂
      How is yo.ur new happy habit for this month?
      I am considering writing a new habit series that specifically focuses on creating happy habits.
      Makes perfect sense huh? 100SmileChallenge Blog + New Habit = Happy New Habits 🙂

  2. Melissa Wilson Sheldon


    I saw the name of your blog and it made me smile. Then I read this post and it inspired me. I am so looking forward to the 30 day blog challenge with you, and following you throughout the challenge and into the future. What a great blog!

  3. Wendy

    What a great post! Habits are so important to keep an eye on. In my family, we say that it takes 2 weeks of doing something to form a habit. So, whatever we want to change, we do it for 2 weeks. I am looking forward to your next post!

  4. Janette Fuller

    Hi Jodi,
    I am also signed-up for the 30 day blog challenge. I like your goal to get to bed earlier and get and get up at 5:00 am. I am a natural morning person. I am already in the habit of getting to bed by 10:00 pm and waking up at 5:30 am.
    I really need to get in the habit of planning my blog posts a week in advance. I think this would really help me post on a regular basis.
    Thank you for an inspiring post!

    • 100smilechallenge

      Hi Jeanette,
      Thank you for sharing the new habit you want to create.
      How is it going? Is this a daily habit? Or would taking 10 minutes to put thought and planning into your blog each day create a habit that would sustain you?
      I am finding just as important as writing consistently is taking a few minutes to plan and maintain my blog each day.
      Please let me know how your new habit is going and let me know how I can best support you.

  5. Lynn Ruby

    Early in the year I was in the “habit” of creating a new habit each month just like this challenge! Then I fell out of the “habit” of creating new habits!!! LOL. Thank you for this reminder that I need to get back in the habit of creating new habits. When I was in the habit of creating habits, I was quite successful. One month I eliminated all soda from my diet. The next month I drastically cut down on the artificial sweetener in my coffee. A third month I created the habit of daily meditation. And all those habits have stuck with me to now. So this process is very successful. I will join the challenge. Thank you for the inspiration and the kick in the pants!

  6. Lynn Ruby

    Oh – and I forgot to tell you my new habit. Okay here goes. I am hesitating on this one so I know it must be the one I need! I just started P90X – yesterday in fact. Soooooo …. ewwww I need help on this one! I challenge myself to do the P90X workout everyday in October as described in the workout manuals. I will do them imperfectly and be okay with that. I will expect to sometimes experience pain and that’s okay. I will focus only on October and not think beyond that to November or December. Thank you!

    • 100smilechallenge

      That is awesome! You have had some great success and are up for a challenge that will render amazing rewards.
      About your new habit I absolutely love that you said you “will do them imperfectly and be okay with that. I will expect to sometimes experience pain and that’s okay. I will focus on October and not think beyond that to November or December.”
      I am looking forward to hearing about how this new habit is going for you, I have been considering the same one, P90X results are simply amazing.
      Please keep in touch 🙂

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