October New Habit Challenge: Day 17: Write an Affirmation for Your New Habit

Today’s New Habit Tip is…

Write An Affirmation for Your New Habit.  Well crafted affirmations allow us to declare war on the beliefs that are preventing our new habits from taking root, they transition our perspective to our future vision, and they help us to speak and think in a manner that supports our personal development.

Affirmations are strong positive statements that something is already so.  Affirmations take aim at specific subconscious beliefs; they are weapons against the undermining negative beliefs that replace the negative with positive self-nurturing beliefs.

For example, an affirmation I could use with my new sleep routine is:

“I now go to sleep early so I can awake mentally alert and ready for my day.”

If you are finding some struggle with your new habit and perhaps a few negative thoughts or statements about the process use affirmations to tackle those negatives to the ground so you can confidently implement your new supportive habit.

A few guidelines to creating self nurturing affirmations are:

  1. Always use present tense, not future.  The theory here is that you must create the idea before you can create the reality.  Nothing happens without first the thought of it.  Use your affirmation to create the idea in the present tense so the reality has a path to follow.
  2. Phrase your affirmation in the most positive way you know how.  The only time it is appropriate to use a negative in your affirmation is when clearing a negative thought pattern, but then immediately follow it up with the positive.  For example, “My last relationship was painful, but I am loving person who now attracts honest love into my life.”
  3. Create a positive mental image to accompany your affirmation.  This is especially important for those who are visually oriented.  Create an image of the great result you are achieving or embrace an image that is representative of what you want.
  4. The most effective affirmation is short, simple and full of feeling.  Allow your affirmations to move you emotionally while feeling the truth and experiencing the deep belief (even if temporarily).
  5. Affirmations are a part of the creation process.  Approach your affirmation with an attitude of acceptance of what is and a firm belief that you are creating a new opportunity.  This is your opportunity to create exactly what you want.
  6. Allow the feelings you have to be experienced, do not replace them, but allow your affirmations to provide you a new point of view.
  7. Try it on and wear it around.  Your affirmation must fit you.  What do you feel when you state your affirmation?  If your affirmation is too hard to believe your subconscious will fight or avoid it.  If your affirmation feels good and releases a sense of joy and well being it is working.

There are a few ways to use your affirmation, try out a few of the following and let me know what works for you:

  1. Mirror Work.  Look yourself in the eyes while stating your affirmation.
  2. Write it on Notecards or Sticky Notes.  Place these where you will see them frequently.
  3. Write.  Write your affirmation 10-20 times each day.
  4. Say it with Passion and Commitment.
  5. Sing it or Chant it.

Change happens when you are prepared to accept and embrace it.  With your new habit try to add an affirmation that feels good to you, that helps you down this path of change.

If you would like support in creating new habits that could increase your life satisfaction consider my FREE Program 30-Days to a New Habit.  You can receive the 30 daily action plans via daily e-mails when you send a blank e-mail to new_habit@weber.com

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