October New Habit Challenge: Day 18: Know the Benefits of Your Postitive Change

Welcome back!  Today let’s take a look at all the benefits of your new habit.

Today’s New Habit Challenge Tip:

Know the Benefits of Your Positive Change. When you started out to create this new habit you had reasons for creating this change in your life.  What were those reasons?  Along the way of creating this change many other benefits surfaced.  Today acknowledge the many benefits you are experiencing and claim the new positive changes you are creating as a result of this one new habit.

When it comes to my new 10PM Bedtime Habit I have found a host of benefits.  Before when I was staying up to 1AM or so I was really tired and on the grumpier side of life at work later that day.  Occasionally I am still a little tired, but overall I am rested and ready for the day.  For some reason my evenings are so much more productive as well.  I spend much less time watching television and much more time reading, researching, and taking care of things around my home.  I think my focus has shifted to making the most of my time verses relaxing and unwinding from the day (which I started out tired for and never “caught up”).

Take a look at your new habit.  What are the reasons you started your new habit, are those reasons being achieved?  What are the added benefits from this positive change in your life?

It is fun to see how one simple positive change will trigger other positive changes.

If you would like support in creating new habits that could increase your life satisfaction consider my FREE Program 30-Days to a New Habit.  You can receive the 30 daily action plans via daily e-mails when you send a blank e-mail to new_habit@weber.com

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