October New Habit Challenge: Day 24: Delay the Decision to NOT Act

Today’s New Habit Challenge Tip is…

Delay the Decision to Not Act.  Often the process of simply starting is an obstacle.  Remove this obstacle by simple delaying the decision to not act by getting started then deciding if you want to continue.  Typically you will continue with this new habit after you get started.   On small habits you might as well continue because you are already almost done.  On bigger habits you might as well continue because you have already invested the time and kick started your momentum.

This is one of my favorite tips.  For my bedtime habit I simply turn the light off on myself.  It sounds odd I am sure, but it does work.  Getting dressed and ready for sleep is easy, but until I turn off that light I am not practicing my new habit.  Once the light is out I have made the decision to act.

What about you?

If you are creating the habit of exercising, maybe on those days when running is not enticing, delay your decision to not act until after you are dressed to run or at the gym.  I occasionally train to walk marathons.  My version of delaying the decision to not act is just getting to practice with my training buddies.  There is no way I am going to back out once I am there.

Consider your new habit, how can you use this tip to help you keep performing your new habit on those days when your motivation or attention is lacking?  How can you delay the decision to not act?

One of the things one of my co-workers did was to show up for work early and in her workout clothes.  She would go through her e-mails before most of the rest of us arrived then hit the gym for a late morning workout.  On occasion she would end up in a meeting with her workout clothes on, but she would hit the gym soon after.  This was her way of delaying the decision to not act.  She was in the office without make up, a pony tail and her gym clothes…there was no way she was skipping her workout.

Your turn…

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