Mindfulling Living in the Moment Challenge: Day 2: Mindfulness Wheel of Balance

Balance is a very subjective thing.  The balance we feel one day can differ greater on another day.  However, taking an assessment of where you are today is a valuable exercise.  When we identify the areas that are out of balance we can then identify new habits that could bring us into better balance.

“As we look deeply within, we understand our perfect balance. There is no fear of the cycle of birth, life and death. For when you stand in the present moment, you are timeless.”

Rodney Yee

The Wheel of Balance or the Wheel of Life is often used to assess the balance one is experiencing in their life.  In this instance we are going to use it to help us identify the areas of Mindfulness that may be out of balance in our lives.

Each section of this wheel represents one of the 7 Tips to Living in the Moment.  If necessary go back to yesterday’s post to be reminded of the 7 Tips to Living in the Moment. 

For each section ask yourself questions that get you to consider how well this area is going in your life.  If it could not be any better you would fill in the whole section.  If the area is practically non-existent in your life leave the section blank.  If you are somewhere in between fill it in to the proportion that it is fulfilled or an active practice in your life.

Most of the time when this wheel exercise is used the filled in wheel ends up quite lop-sided, like the one below.  The filled in wheel serves as a visual representation of the balance you are experiencing in this area of Mindfulness.  The sections with the least amount of fill are the sections you may want to consider creating a supportive and sustaining habit.


Habit Creation Assignment:

Take a few minutes to either print this post and fill in your wheel or draw your own and fill it in as you currently view these areas of Mindfullness in your life.

Today identify 5 things you COULD do in the one section with the least amount of fill and 5 things you COULD do in an area that you want to see improvement in.  If you did yesterdays homework, make sure the sections you work on today are different than yesterdays.  I am NOT having you commit to a new habit yet.  We are in the idea generation phase of the Mindfully Living in the Moment Challenge.  Yesterday, today, and for the next few days we are going to gain more understanding of what Mindfully Living in the Moment is, how we are currently doing in this area, and identify various habits we could create.

Over the next few days your subconscious is going to start gathering external information about Mindfully Living in the Moment and when the time is right the information your subconscious has gathered will merge with your conscious evaluations and come into agreement on a new habit that will support you and increase your ability to Mindfully Live in the Moment.


My Homework:

Here is my wheel.  There are areas that I feel are going well, areas that could use some focus, and areas that would be fun to focus on this month to help me live more in the moment.

My section with the least amount of fill is the Clear Out Distractions area.  5 things…

I COULD work on decluttering 10 minutes each day at home and work

I COULD meditate each day to clear my mind.

I COULD improve my end of day routines that set me up for more success the following day.

I COULD remove myself from mailing lists that I do not read.

I COULD revamp my filing systems for home, work, and computer.

The section I most want to improve is Find My Flow.  Although I am pretty good at getting caught up in projects I do want to learn more about how to both flow better with life’s natural currents and more readily get into a state of flow.  So the 5 things…

I COULD meditate and journal on this topic daily.

I COULD learn to achieve a State of Flow everyday.

I COULD slightly rearrange my days so my most productive hours are spent in flow activities.

I COULD walk the dogs daily.

I COULD breathe and slow myself down.

Going through these exercises are kind of fun.  As I generate the ideas I see some are not quite habits that I could do on a consistent manner, but no worries we will finesse the ones that really appeal to us into habits later this week.

I would love to hear your ideas on the things you COULD do to Mindfully Live in the Moment.  Please share some of your ideas with me in the comments section.  See you here tomorrow.


Add Yours
  1. patricia

    I love the wheels and use them a lot in my coaching practice and on myself. the great thing is that you never stop learning and growing , the wheel even when balanced can be increased in its’ circonference so growing never ends.
    Isn’t this one of the biggest joys of being and feeling alive?

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