Achieve: National Run It Up the Flag Pole and See If Anyone Salutes It Day

7 Tips for Developing, Presenting, and Implementing New Ideas

  1. Develop Your Idea
  2. Socialize Your Idea
  3. PowerPoint Your Idea
  4. Pilot Your Idea
  5. Finesse Your Idea
  6. Implement Your Idea in a Big Way
  7. Celebrate Your Success & Encourage Others by Your Success

After a relaxing morning and refreshing shower I had a great idea for my corporate situation.  That is a great thing for National Run it Up the Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes It Day.  When was the last time you really shepherded an idea of yours through to success?  On this day National Holiday let’s take a look at some of those potentially great ideas we have and shepard them through to success.

Develop Your Idea.  As soon as the inspiration hits, start developing it.  Keep a notepad or sketchbook nearby just for this.  Write down or sketch out your idea and keep this with you, as you think more about it add to your notes and sketches.  Review your info a few times during the day, especially before you go exercise, to sleep, or do something completely unrelated.  This signals to your subconscious to keep working on it and you will get back to it later and expect fresh ideas and a break through.

Socialize Your Idea.  Start talking to those you trust about your idea and seek their feedback.  The more people start thinking along the same lines you are the easier it is to launch your new idea.

.ppt Your Idea.  Take your idea out of your notebook and put it into a presentable document that you can share formally and informally with others.  PowerPoint may not be appropriate for your situation, maybe it is a portfolio, flash video, or something else…whatever it is make it presentable.

Pilot Your Idea.  If there is risk or questions about your idea, seek a way to pilot your idea in a smaller manner.  My corporate environment is very seasonal, so I can pilot ideas in an upcoming season or take the data from a previous season and create a pilot to demonstrate the workload savings or create a tool for the coming season.  People are typically more open to piloting new ideas if there are concerns about the idea, it is a radical change, or you work in a low risk environment.

Finesse Your Idea.  According to lean business processes we should implement a small change for the better, let it ride through the process, evaluate the impact of that small change, then make another small change for the better and let it ride through the process.  In the business environments I work in this is not always possible. There are lots of people with lots of ideas wanting to make lots of impact.  Be open to finessing your ideas while staying true to the intention of the idea.  If the feedback to too prevalent maintain a capture list where you capture the ideas and consider them when the time is right.

Implement Your Idea in a Big Way.  After all of the above has been successful it is time to implement your ideas in a BIG way.  Guide your idea through to success and claim your victory.

Celebrate Your Success & Encourage Others by Your Success.  We are often so on the go and so busy we forget to celebrate the success we achieve.  Once while researching this topic I came across someone who celebrated the completion of her grad work by hosting a party to thank everyone who supported her and contributed to her success.  Once you achieve success find a way to celebrate for you and to thank and inspire those around you.

Today’s Simple Smile Igniter is to develop one of your ideas and run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it.  Developing one of your ideas can be very rewarding and generate lots of smiles when your idea becomes a successful reality.

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