National Man Watcher’s Day

I love to people watch…especially cute old couples. 

I am not talking about the old bored couples who do not talk to each other or interact with each other over dinner.  I am talking about the two cute elderly people walking hand in hand, the hunched over old guy pushing his brides shopping cart, the weathered skinned husband helping his wife with her coat. 

Old couples melt my heart…I am not married, but I am in a long term relationship, which I hope leads to marriage someday, especially before I am an old woman.  I hope that I will find my old man who will hold my handbag as I put on my gloves, who will help me into our car after a night out together, who will find contentment in me as a partner for the rest of our lives together. 

I love old couples and today hope to find a place to people watch and have my heart blessed by a sweet old couple.

Today’s Smile Igniter is to identify the thing that blesses your heart and creates that inner desire, not to the point of discouragement and deep longing, but to remind you that what you desire exists.  Today find those things that bring you hope for your future and set your intention on transforming that desire into reality.

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