ROW80 Goals Post

I am taking part in a writing challenge called A Round of Words in 80 Days.  This is a writing challenge where I set my own goals and check in on that goal twice a week.  This is an 80 Day Challenge running January 2 – March 22.

My goals for this challenge are:

  • write 80 Smile Igniters during the challenge.
  • complete the 49 main happiness tips.
  • take a daily “test run” of 300 written words each day.

Well, I have not been very focused on my challenge, but I do want to keep the goal and continue to participate.  Who knows maybe I will catch up.

As I type this I am considering a few goal setting and getting techniques that would help me get back with the challenge.

For Write 80 Smile Igniters during the Challenge:  I modified this goal from writing daily to writing 80 since I missed the daily.  My intent is to create content, so I will focus on the quality and not beat myself up for missing the daily.  I have written 11 of my 80 goal.  I have some catch up to do.

Complete the 49 Happiness Tips:  I need to count these up and get a clear starting point and current count.  On the tips I have not done I probably need to brainstorm a little, gather some quotes and images to get my thoughts around these ideas again.

Take a Daily Test Run.  Writing inspires and ignites my whole life.  I have to make time for this each morning.  I will start using an iPhone app to track this called Touch Goal.  I am at my best when I am writing every morning.  Time to get back into the habit.

Here is the linky to see who all are participating in this round of ROW80.


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  1. Heather Kelly

    Glad to have found your blog! Who doesn’t need more smiles in their life? What kind of writing do you do? Is it like morning pages (from he Artist’s Way) or is it something different? 🙂 Or are you writing the Smile Igniters during your writing time? I love to hear about what people are writing!

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