I Love My Life: Harness the Power of Consistency

Yesterday I gave you several examples of habits that could be created that would enable us to savor the life we are living.  The habit I have chosen is Invest in Relationships.  Each day I will spend at least 5 minutes setting up a weekly lunch, monthly happy hour, birthday celebration, or a simple connection with a friend.  I will also engage in those activities when those calendar dates arrive.  I am really excited about this and I am looking forward to the deeper connections in my life.

Over the last few days I have planted a few seeds and ideas about new habits that could be created.  Have you decided on one that you could create this month that will enhance your life satisfaction?  What is it?

This month I will share a few habit creation tips as we continue to explore the area of life contentment.  There is a theory that it takes 21 continuous days of consistent action to create a new habit.  From today thru February 28 we will create a new habit that brings more life satisfaction into our lives.  Throughout the month I will share a few habit creation tips.  These tips will greatly help you to create a simple consistent change that will have a big impact on your life satisfaction.

Today’s New Habit Tip is…

Harness the Power of Consistency.  At the heart of habit creation is consistent action. Performing your new habit at the same time, place, and circumstance everyday will move this new action from a place of conscious deliberate action to subconscious routine.

My new habit for this month is Invest in Relationships, I am making this a TIME related habit.  Each day I will spend at least 5 minutes setting up a weekly lunch, monthly happy hour, birthday celebration, or a simple connection with a friend.  I will also engage in those events when those calendar dates arrive.

To make this new habit more routine I chose to do this each evening as I review my calendar and plan my next day.  By following a routine my mind can fall into a simple before leaving work routine that requires little thought and no additional preparation.  With consistent action I will fall into a simple day end routine that has be saying cheers to my favorite gal pals more often.

If your new habit is not time related maybe it is at the same PLACE each day.  For example, if your new habit it to keep a gratitude journal.  Keeping the journal wherever it is you relax and unwind from your day could help trigger you to record your 3 good things each day.

Making your new habit CIRCUMSTANCE related could be something like expressing appreciation to others.  As soon as someone does something for you, say “Thank You for ___________________ because of this I ______________________________.”  Say thank you, restate what you are thanking them for, and let them know the positive impact their action has.

Today’s Smile Igniter is to consider your new habit.  How can you harness the power of consistency?  If you get stuck on this go ahead and ask for input in the comments section of this post.  I and possibly other readers will share our advice if you ask.  And consider this DAY 1 of your new habit.

If you would like support in creating new habits that could increase your life satisfaction consider my FREE Program 30-Days to a New Habit.  You can receive the 30 daily action plans via daily e-mails when you send a blank e-mail to new_habit@weber.com

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