Operation Opportunity and the A – Z Blog Challenge: A is for ATTITUDE

Our attitudes set the tone for all the areas of our lives.  If we are distrusting and skeptical we will create situations that are unsure.  If we want to create positive opportunities in our lives we need to have an attitude that welcomes new situations and interactions while opening us to the opportunities in those situations and interactions.  The best attitude for creating and seizing opportunity is an EXPECT THE BEST ATTITUDE.

Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.

William James
US Pragmatist philosopher & psychologist (1842 – 1910)

In the research I have done on this topic I have found 12 key aspects of an Expect the Best Attitude.  Some of these we may go into more detail on other A-Z Blog Posts , but for now I want to share the 12 tips of an Expect the Best Attitude.

Tip 1:  Expect Good Fortune.  Lucky people share a mindset; they are certain the future will be bright. This certainty is a self-fulfilling prophecy because it helps lucky people pursuit opportunity even in the face of failure and positively shapes their interactions with other people.

Tip 2:  Leverage Counter Factual Thinking.   Counter factual thinking is the degree to which you think something is fortunate or not is the degree to which you generate alternatives that are better or worse.  It you strongly think something is fortunate you are inclined to generate many alternatives that are better for your situation.  If you strongly believe something is unfortunate, you can more readily generate alternatives what are worse for your situation.  Staying on the positive side of a situation will help you generate positive alternatives.

Tip 3:  View All Situations as Lucky Opportunities.  A lucky mindset keeps one going in the face of adversity because they learn from their mistakes and foresee themselves applying that learning in the future.  View all your situations as lucky learnings for future opportunities.

Tip 4:  Be Less Neurotic.  Engage in fewer negative emotional states like anxiety, guilt, anger and depression.  Find ways to diffuse negative emotional states.  Find the things that make you happy, that fill you with positive emotion and bring more of those into your life.

Tip 5:  Focus on the Positive.  Allow positive experiences into your life.  Be open to feeling good.  Be willing to see the glass as half full.  Wear a positive elastic band on your wrist, when you find yourself thinking or stating a negative transfer the band to the opposite wrist and transfer the thought or statement from a negative to a positive.

Tip 6:  Develop an Open Mind.  An open mind does not mean you must give up your own thoughts and beliefs, it means you are open to hearing and possibly considering another way of looking at things.  At the very least it means you will allow others to have their opinions that are opposite of yours.

Tip 7:  Believe in the Impossible.  Transfer IMPOSSIBLE to I’M POSSI BLE and watch the world open for you.  When we chose to believe in the impossible opportunities present themselves in ways we could have never imagined.  Believe in the impossible and explore its possibilities.

Tip 8:  Believe in Luck When it Happens.   When luck strikes embrace it and state “I am lucky”.  Good fortune happens to all of us, the best way to bring more in is to welcome it when it arrives. Thank your lucky stars and know you have been blessed.

Tip 9:  Develop a ‘What Do I Have to Lose” Attitude.  Experiment with life and see what happens.  Do not bet the farm, but be open to possibly losing a little (or really learning a luck lesson) to gain much.

Tip 10:  Love the Surprise.  Enjoy the rewards of preparing for and discovering opportunities.  The world is at your fingertips, when luck happens revel in it and enjoy yourself.  Love the surprise blessings of your life.

Tip 11:  Attract Luck.  Put the law of attraction on your side.  Believe in luck, request luck, take inspired action, and seize the opportunities you receive.

Tip 12:  Give Thanks.  Be grateful for all the blessings you receive; the results you sought and those you would have preferred to arrive differently.  Give thanks for all things and apply all learnings to future endeavors.

As you open yourself to creating and exploring the opportunities in your life, consider the above ways you can live the Expect the Best Attitude.  Seize a few of the tips above and put them into practice in your life this week.  I will continue to blog about opportunities as I participate in the A-Z Blog Challenge this month.

Which of the above tips will you apply to your life this week?


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  1. caylieprice

    This is an excellent post with many very valuable ideas. I actually experienced these concepts over the weekend while attending the Digital Parents Conference 2012 in Melbourne. I went with the attitude that it would be a wonderful experience and full of opportunities. Needless to say I’ve come home having connected with many awesome people, been offered wonderful opportunities and even won two amazing giveaway prizes.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts during the Ultimate Blogging Challenge.
    Cheers, Caylie

  2. Jen

    wonderful tips! things we should all try to do 🙂
    thanks for stopping by Mom-ology… look forward to checking out your other A to Z posts!

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