Operation Opportunity and the A – Z Blog Challenge: E is for EXPLORE

Explore and Indulge Your Curiosity.  Webster defines curiosity as a mental state or an attitude that allows you to be extraordinarily interested in something; curiosity is the ambition to learn more about a give topic, etc.  The greatest minds of our times were of those who explored the world and were curious.  Today let’s explore the 17 Traits of an Explorer and turn those traits in to 17 Tips for Unleashing the Explorer in YOU.

17 Traits of an Explorer:

Explorers have an Active Mind.  Explorers are curious about things, how things work, people, what makes people do or not do what they do or don’t do, activities, how to do something or what would happen if things were done differently.  Explorers see problems as puzzles to be solved.

Explorers have New Ideas.  Explorers question the standard processes and normal way of doing things.  They find new ways of doing things, new uses for everyday items, and ask the question “what if…?”

Explorers Find New Worlds.  Explorers search beyond the accepted limits.  They push past the established barriers into the unknown with an open and hopeful mind.

Explorers Bring Excitement to Life.  Explorers deliver a fresh energy and excitement with each discovery.  Even the shortest step towards a new possibility ignites the flame of passion within an explorer.

Explorers have Open Minds.  Explores are open to new ideas, possibilities, and discoveries.  Explorers are open to where their curiosity takes them and is not afraid of being tainted by others beliefs.

Explorers Find the Value.  Explorers know the current moment is unique and will never be duplicated.  Explorers know the value and the power of now.  The do not procrastinate; although they may explore cautiously, they still explore the now.

Explorers Ask Questions.  Explorers get curious and ask questions.  Explorers use questions to explore a topic.

Explorers Do Not Label Things as Boring.  Explorers mine for the gold nugget of interest in all areas.  Things are only boring when it’s all we hear about or we fail to connect with the topic, person, or event.

Explorers are Learners.  Explorers like to learn about different things and view the world as their university.  Explorers seek ways to learn more about topics that interest them; they read and connect with others who share their interests.

Explorers Read.  Explores take in information in a variety of forms; personal discovery, connecting with others, and reading.  Explorers tend to have a library of information on the topics that most interest them.

Explorers Welcome Different Perspectives.  Explorers are still forming their beliefs, ideas and opinions.  They are always gathering knowledge and a great way to do this is through other perspectives.  Often the perspective of another is from a vantage point we can only achieve through open discussion.  Much can be discovered through the perspectives of others.

Explorers Absorb Other Peoples Enthusiasm.  Explorers can be energized by the enthusiasm of others.  A few weeks ago I took an InDesign Class, which is a program I use for work and writing.  The instructor was so enthusiastic about his topic he immediately engaged me in the class.  I absorbed his enthusiasm and gained a lot of knowledge from the course.

Explorers Challenge Themselves.  Explorers seek and create challenges that inspire them and hold them accountable.  This blog series is a part of the A-Z Blog Challenge.  As I explore the topic of Luck and Seizing Opportunities I am blogging A-Z, each blog post focuses on a word that starts with that days letter.  Today I am working on E…E is for Explorer.

Explorers Connect New Knowledge with What They Already Know.  Explorers find the connection points.  Life is a puzzle with pieces fitting into place in just the right sequence.  Explorers seek the connection points and make life fit together.  Knowledge builds off other knowledge and when connected just right new ideas, thoughts and opportunities emerge.

Explorers Diversify.  Explorers may seem to be all over the place at times, but it is often because they are diversified.  This diversity challenges thought processes and gets explorers thinking outside of the normal and into the “what if” land of possibility.  What if there was a connection between spider webs and athletic shoes?  Could a new technology emerge?

Explorers Believe Questions + Answers = New Ideas.  Explorers do not seek the answer, they seek the light bulb.  The end of a question is not necessarily the answer, but the idea that results in pondering the question and discovering the answer.  Explorers are about pushing past where many people would stop.

Explorers Persevere.  Explorers persevere especially when the odds are against them, many others have called it quits, and the obvious answer has been revealed.  Explorers know there is opportunity in perseverance and they push forward.

17 Tips for Unleashing the Explorer in YOU:

Nourish an Active Mind.  Maintain clear thought processes with the proper balance of sleep and activity, eat and drink in moderation to not to dull your mental senses, and exercise to maintain an oxygenated flow of blood through your system.

Observe New Ideas.  When someone has a new way of doing something or a new idea, help them explore the opportunities of the idea.  Open your mind to new possibilities in the everyday and pretty soon you may revolutionize the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Open New Worlds and Possibilities without Bias.  We all have our opinions and our biases.  Exploring new worlds does not mean we give up our beliefs, it means we are open to hearing the possibilities that other see or hope for.  It means we can maintain our beliefs while allowing everyone else to do the same.

Allow Yourself to Get Excited.  Release restraint and allow yourself to get excited about the discoveries you are making.  Passion is an exhilarating trait to see an anyone even if the source of the passion is not of personal interest.

Keep an Open Mind.  Be open to hearing about others and what makes them tick.  Get curious about people who are different than you and get to know each other.  Hear the personal life story of another and find your points of connection.

Don’t Take Things for Granted.  Your current situation will never be duplicated.  The people in your life right now will never be exactly the same later.  Do not assume that a delay will allow you to take full advantage of the opportunity later, later the opportunity will change for the better or the worse.  Don’t take for granted that you can seize tomorrow what is available to you today.

Ask Questions Relentlessly.  To stimulate curiosity start asking questions about how things work, why things are done certain ways, and what would happen if things were different.  Question your own actions, why do you do what you do?  What if you did things differently or approached things differently?

Don’t Label Things as Boring.  When one is launching into his political rants and you find politics generally does not interest you instead of immediately getting bored start mining for the gold nugget of interest in the topic.  If the topic does not interest you yet the other person is extremely passionate, explore the passion and how that came about.  If you cannot find the interest in the topic, explore around the topic and find your interest in the person.

See Learning as Fun.  There is a thrill and excitement in new discoveries.  Challenge yourself to learn something new about a topic, person, or event every day.  Make a game out of your explorations, award yourself a point for each new discovery you make, at the end of the week reward yourself for the points you have earned.

Read Diverse Kinds of Writing.  As a writer I am interested in the writing of others.  I read a variety of reading material to study various writing styles.  If you are interested in whales, pick up a few books from your local library on whales, such as a study of whales, Moby Dick, and information about Sea Shepherds.

Seek a Fresh Perspective.   When learning how to be an explorer of the world, seek the perspectives of others.  Even if the perspective is contradictory to our own we can learn a lot by simply seeing and understanding the topic from another perspective.

Absorb Other Peoples Enthusiasm.  Get on for the ride.  It is fun to let you be taken on a journey.  When you are around someone who is enthusiastic about their topic, absorb their enthusiasm by engaging in the conversation, ask questions, mimic their emotions in an authentic manner, and welcome their excitement.

Create a Challenge.  If you have an interest in a particular topic or want to create an opportunity for yourself, create a challenge that gets things moving for you.  If you want get in better shape, how about challenging yourself to run or walk a marathon, explore the knowledge and training programs available, sign up for a marathon, and get to training.

Connect to What Your Already Know.  Life in all connected.  Find the connection points and explore the missing links between topics.  When we can connect new information with what we already know we seem to make sense of our lives and find the meaning and purpose of our existence as new opportunities arise.

Diversify.  Using the term from The Medici Effect, curiosity gives you Intersection experience where concepts from different fields collide with one another and produce fresh ideas.  Do not get stuck in one topic of interest, but allow yourself to follow the connections and the opportunities of different topics.  Follow the direction of your intuition, even when the topics seem unrelated and possibly of little interest.  The more diverse you allow yourself to be, especially when intuition leads, the more unique opportunities you will discover.

Questions + Answers = New Ideas.  Do not just stop at the answer, push further to what lies beyond the answer.  New ideas are often just slightly beyond the discovery of new information.  New ideas come when we ponder the answers and the known, new ideas are just beyond the known, push beyond to get to them.

Perseverance.  Develop perseverance by sticking with a topic, interest, idea until you read a specific date, and answer, or a break through.  Many fail to seize opportunities because they failed to persevere.

My Challenge to YOU is to Explore the World.  There is an evolution in curiosity.  See the below chart and consider the last time you made a discovery that changed your world.  Did this discovery evolution play out in your life and how did it affect you?

Curiosity results in Exploration
Exploration results in Discovery
Discovery results in Pleasure
Pleasure results in Repetition
Repetition results in Mastery
Mastery results in New Skills
New Skills results in Confidence
Confidence results in Self esteem
Self esteem results in Sense of Security
Security results in More Exploration


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