Operation Opportunity and the A – Z Blog Challenge: G is for GOOD FORTUNE

“A wise man turns chance into good fortune. “
Thomas Fuller

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to be lucky, fortune seems to come their way, and even when it doesn’t they still seem to make lemonade from their lemons?

If there were just 4 Principles that Could Create Good Fortune in Life, I think they would be:

Maximize Chance Opportunities.  I am not so much a believer in just waiting for chance opportunities to arrive, because, I am a firm believer that there are things we can do to bring more chance opportunities into our lives.  The key ingredients to creating chance opportunities are a relaxed attitude, openness to new experiences, and always increasing and maintaining your network.  When we slow down and flow through life we are presented with seemingly chance opportunities to connect with others and explore what is happening in each other’s worlds.  When we do this we discover opportunities that we would not have discovered rushing through life or though increased hours in our cubicles.  Maximizing these chance opportunities simply means we explore, act upon, and add to these opportunities as though they were meant for us all along.

Listen to Lucky Hunches.  Your internal guidance system is always serving you and helping you put today’s bits of information together with previously collected information to create opportunities that are perfect for you.  The better you are at listening to the internal guidance or intuition the better you will be at discovering and creating opportunities.  A few ways to increase your ability to listen to your lucky hunches is to slow down, relax, and clear your mind.  Ideas will come shooting through when you are relaxed that never arrive when we are stressed.  If you have an inner urge to connect with someone, even if you do not understand why, go ahead and act on that urge set up lunch or coffee and just see what happens.  Most of the time you will be blessed by something you were not expecting, all because your intuition collected some bit of information that your conscious mind missed.

Expect Good Fortune.  How is your attitude?  Do you expect a bright future or is there a dark cloud hanging over your head?  Often our expectations are self-fulfilling prophecy because they shape our interactions with other people.  Think back to those you have interacted with recently, those who expect the worst are probably harvesting less than favorable outcomes while those who are expecting the good fortune are either harvesting good fortune or seizing opportunities that will bring fortune to them soon.

Turn Bad Luck into Good.  Now what about those people who make the proverbial lemonade out of lemons?  How do they turn bad luck into good?  They see the opportunity through the fortunate and unfortunate events of their lives.  Be like these individuals by not dwelling on ill fortune, but take control of the situation and turn it around so it is headed towards the outcome you desire or a slightly different outcome that still brings you the satisfaction you seek.

Throughout your life you have developed your own strategies for creating good fortune in your life, based on your life experience add the 5th Principle that Could Create Good Fortune in Life into the comments section below.


Add Yours
  1. Cari

    Great blog. I do consider myself an optimistic person. Every situation, no matter how dire shows us opportunity for growth or opens another door. Getting through that initial moment is difficult, but when you live with an attitude where you expect good to come to you; you learn and know it will.

  2. Ruby Young

    Hi, my first name should be Happy! One can choose to be downcast or happy. I choose the latter. I love to laugh and have a great time no matter where I am. Bad things have happened to me, but they don’t keep me down. I am blessed. Great post. I love to have at least one good belly laugh each day, and they are always unexpected when they happen. 🙂 Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

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