Operation Opportunity and the A – Z Blog Challenge: I is for INTUITION

INTUITION:  Follow Your Intuition

Intuition is “a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning” according to Dictionary.com  I like to refer to intuition as an internal guidance system that reveals answers and guidance in the exact moment that I need the information.

We all have intuition and have the ability to use it to varying degrees.  We can increase our ability to hear our intuition as well as silence that inner voice.  When it comes to creating and seizing opportunities it is very important to be in tuned to our intuitive abilities so we can decide which opportunities are best for us.

Below you will find 12 tips for how to increase your ability to use your intuition to create and seize the perfect opportunities for you:

Tip 1:  Listen to Lucky Hunches.  Make effective decisions by listening to intuition and gut feelings.  When you have a “lucky hunch” slow down and explore it.  This could be your intuition sending you a message that an opportunity is formulating just for you or you are creating an opportunity that is perfect for you.

Tip 2:  Allow the Subconscious.  It’s been gathering and building knowledge for years.  It detects patterns and recalls information as you need it.  Count on your intuition to provide for you when you need it and then respond with the information it provided.

Tip 3:  Pay Attention to Meaningful Coincidences.  I don’t really believe anything happens out of mere chance.  I believe all things happen for a reason and it is up to us to find the meaning.  I also believe that subconsciously we often find our own solutions in what seems to be coincidence.  Pay attention to those times when the “stars just happen to align”, perhaps there is a message for you and perhaps you have more to do with their alignment than you think.

Tip 4:  Heed Your Intuition More Often.  As you start to pay attention to your intuition you will find how trustworthy of a life partner it is.  Play with your ability to hear your own inner voice and start following its guidance more often, especially when it is serving as a warning.  Heeding your intuition will keep you out of unfortunate situations.

Tip 5:  Quiet Down and Slow Down.  The best way I have found to listen to my internal guidance is to quiet down.  When I stop trying to solve the problem and allow my thoughts to calm to almost a silence I can faintly hear the answer I seek.  Sometimes it is a flash of thought that I can only capture when my mind has quieted.

Tip 6:  Refrain from Asking for Advice When You Know What You Need to Do.  Advice is a funny thing, when we ask for it there is often an obligation to put it into action.  When you already know what you need to do, do not ask for advice, this is a form of procrastination and can be a way of not taking responsibility.  9 situations out of 10 I bet you know what to do…so do it.

Tip 7:  Allow Other People to Support You When You are Feeling Angst.  There are times when our minds are spinning and no matter what we do we cannot get ourselves out of that anxious cycle.  Often the anxiety of a situation can hide the path through the situation.  At these times allow your friends to support you as they hold your vision and guide you to possible solutions.

Tip 8:  Learn Your Own Intuitive Language.  Intuition surfaces in a variety of manners for different people.  Know how it surfaces for you.  Is it a gut feeling?  A general knowing?  A flash to catch?  A vision?  A thought?  Or an interaction with a spirit guide? Learn your intuitive language and increase your proficiency.

Tip 9:  Ask Your Intuitive Questions.  Asking your intuition for an answer is a valuable exercise and one that requires courage.  When asking be specific so you can get specific answers back.  For example instead of asking “How can I align with my higher purpose?” ask “What can I do today that will align me with my higher purpose?”  This will provide specific actionable answers that enable you to take impactful and inspired action.

Tip 10:  Ask the Universe for Confirmation.  There are times when we get all sorts of advice from others, but really need the direction from a higher power.  Even when the solution can seem like the best path, there is no harm in asking the universe for confirmation.  You can even ask for an answer at a specific time, move on to something else (something relaxing is best) then show back up for the answer at the designated time.  You will be surprised at how clear the answer is at the assigned time.

Tip 11:  Distinguish Between Intuitive Wisdom and Fear.  Often we can think the fear that we feel about a situation is our intuition sending us a warning, this may be true and this may NOT be true.  Learn to distinguish between fear and intuition.  In Dr. Judith Orloff’s book “Emotional Freedom:  Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life” she states “True intuitions will never put you down or support destructive attitudes or behavior.”  Use this as your test, how does the message make you feel?

Tip 12:  Pay Attention.  Increase your awareness to what is happening within you.  When something triggers a thought or inspires an action that may be your intuition sending you a sign.  Pay attention to what happens in your body when you hear from your intuition.  The more aware you are to the voice of your subconscious the more it will speak to you.

Intuition is something we all have access to.  You are the expert of following your intuition; please share your best tip with us in the comments section.

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