Choose Your May Day Demonstration

Remember when May Day was about harvesting whatever flowers were in season, creating a basket of some sort, then hanging the creation on your neighbors doorknob, ringing the bell and running off as your once again unsuspecting neighbor opened the door to a kid created bit of kindness?

Or at least that was what May Day meant to this US citizen for the first 30 years of my life or so.  Then someone mentioned leaving work to avoid the May Day protestors tying up traffic and I was made aware of another purpose of May Day.

Life changes as we grow older.

Today I hear about the May Day protests on this International Labor Day, but nothing about a May Day basket.  Maybe it is the region I live in, the age of my child, or the impact technology and the media have on us, but when I think about the two options for this day I am drawn to a demonstration of kindness rather than a demonstration of frustration.

I do not mean to take meaning away from those who use International Labor Day to create the change they seek in the world.  We all have our means of creating a better world and as a society we need those who disrupt the status quo, they force us to think and consider different perspectives.

Today’s Simple Smile Igniter is to Choose Your Demonstration.  Consider the impact you want to have in this world and demonstrate how the world could be if your vision were so.  Perhaps you will be picking up a sign and joining forces with others in protest.  Perhaps you will be picking flowers and gifting others in a simple act of kindness.

I have a good job that I am grateful for, the labor movement protestors fought for what I now work hard at and enjoy.  I thank them and feel no need to protest any further.  Now I will demonstrate the rewards of their vision and focus on the flowers.


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  1. Aron mturi

    Hey, i like your blog. really encouraging. am Aron from kenya and i wanna be a good writer one day. check out my blog please.maybe you can give me some ideas

    • 100smilechallenge

      Hi Aron,

      My advise to writers is…write. As you write you will discover your voice as a writer. As you put your heart and soul into your writing others will discover you and become your fans.

      Thank you for visiting me here at the 100 Smile Challenge, I hope to see you here again and get to know you a bit.

      Take Care,

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