First 30+ Days of Change: New Blog Series

Well I have emptied my nest.  For the next 5 months my daughter is at a military based boarding school 181 miles (3+ hour drive) from our home.  This is a huge change for us.  I have been a single mom for all her life, she has been an only child; it has always been just she and I living in our homes.

Today I woke up to just me and the pets in my home and no text message about when my daughter would be home or when I should plan to pick her up.  She is not at her friend’s house down the street and she does not get her phone in boarding school.  This is a big change for me.  This is also a tremendous change for her.  She chose this opportunity and was so excited about it yesterday when I dropped her off.

Yesterday I watched my daughter spread her wings and jump out of the protective nest I built her.  I have no doubt she will be safe in her new environment, this is the best school of its type in the country.  But the thought of her growing and changing out of my protective sight saddens me as a parent.  We’ve always been together for her growth, laughter, and tears up until now.  Now I will see her once a month and hear about all she will be experiencing through written letters.

Life is different today. 

Today is Day 1 of my change…which inspires a new blog series on change.  I have come up with 7 Strategies for the Empty Nester.  I’ll share these with you tomorrow, but for today I am acting on Strategy 1 Re-Claim My Space.  My home and yard is a disaster right now!  Over the next few days I am re-claiming my home and re-establishing the systems of my home that have supported me in the past while adding a few that I think will support my new future.

If change is something you would like to navigate smoother in your future, please join me for this series by subscribing to this blog.  At the upper right hand side of this blog there is a “Follow Blog via E-mail” section.  Enter your e-mail address and WordPress will send each new post directly to your e-mail.

Your Turn:

Are you going through significant changes in your life right now?  If you are, what are your greatest challenges and how can I support you in this time of transition?

We have all successfully navigated change in our lives, what are your best tips, advice and strategies for me and others?

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