Navigating Personal Change: 7 Strategies of This Empty Nester

We go through changes all the time, once we finally think life is settling down another change approaches.  For me having my daughter go to boarding school for 5 months is a big change and one I will seize the opportunities of.  To help me seize the opportunities and stay focused on making the most of this ME time (and not mope around and miss her too much) I am developing

7 Strategies of this Empty Nester to Ensure I Maximize MY First 30+ Days of MY Big Change

After my first 30 days I am confident these will be ingrained in me and I will be in the flow of this new phase of my life.

Strategy 1:  Re-Claim My Space.

  • Clean and De-Clutter
  • Re-Establish Systems and Processes
  • Bring in Beauty
  • Make it Mine
  • Create the Long (30+ Days) & Short Term (Less than 7 Days) Project Lists

Strategy 2:  Work My Project List.

  • Post A Calendar
  • Schedule the Fun, Milestones, and Key Events
  • Plan the Projects
  • Initiate Action (3 Big Deals A Day)
  • Celebrate Achievements

Strategy 3:  Support My Daughter.

  • Identify What She Needs
  • Fulfill Her Needs Within the Established Boundaries and Identify Delighters
  • Activate Her Support System
  • Make Future Arrangements
  • Take Care of Her Home Obligations

Strategy 4:  Create My Sanctuaries.

  • Bless My Body
  • Create an In- Home Retreat
  • Establish Rejuvenating Down Time
  • Enhance My Outdoor Spaces
  • Incorporate My Favorites

Strategy 5:  Engage in My Bliss.  Choose Activities that Induce Flow

  • Dive into My New Job at Nike
  • Commit to My Next Endurance Event
  • Create Content & Market It
  • Train My Puppy
  • Explore the World

Strategy 6:  Connect Socially.

  • Be the Connection Between Shianne and the World
  • Invest in Relationships
  • Participate in My Community
  • Plan for Key Social Events
  • Get Out and About

Strategy 7:  Feed My Soul.

  • Meditate, Worship and Pray
  • Live Abundantly
  • Be Joy
  • Allow Emotions & Cry if I Must
  • Live Light

Over the next 28 Days or so I will blog about my journey through this change.  My intention is to really pay attention to what I am going through and learn from it.  Then put this into a 30 Day Plan for others to use as a Framework for their New Change.  Your insights on navigating change, your words of advice and wisdom, and your current or past experiences are welcome here.  Please share and help me make this a space of learning and exploration.

I consider all who participate in this blog a member of my RD&D Team.  If you would like to receive the “beta” version of the product that is generated from this blog series for FREE please participate by leaving your comments and send a blank e-mail to


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  1. Kebba Buckley Button

    Wow, what a huge change. I love how structured your strategy is. And of course, structure will help you deal with the emotions as you go through this change. i like the 7 Strategies and look forward to reading more as you go. Blessings to you!


  2. Loralee Hutton

    This is a great list! I’m glad you included “Allow Emotions & Cry if I Must” in strategy 7. It’s incredibly courageous & wise to set yourself up for success this way. I hope you can also allow for some downtime without fear of losing this precious 5 months. It’s a big change.


  3. Gretchen Del Rio

    My four children left the nest long ago. But I till remember most vividly the departure of the oldest and youngest. When the first left it was a big turning point in my life. A direction toward a change of relationship with my children. With the last the departure was cemented and, even though, I had been practicing for no offspring, it was still jolting to actually have an empty house. It was time to take care of just me. There is a lot of freedom in that once you get over the shock.


    • 100smilechallenge

      They grow up so fast, don’t they? I am really being blessed by my daughter while she is away. She writes me daily, and sends it off every couple of days. I feel really connected to her although we are apart and each exploring the world in our ways which I think is really great! You will also find those connection points with your daughter as you both move through this time of growth.


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