Navigating Change: Getting Back into the Game

Change is a funny thing.  Most of us want things better, but often we resist the change that is required.  Letting go of the comfortable and taking a chance on getting what we want is not easy or a sure win, but it is a sure lose if we do nothing.

As I navigate the current change in my life, I find there are times when I just want to lay low and do nothing in particular, but I know an extended time of that means I miss the blessing of this opportunity.  So getting me moving again takes a very conscious effort on occasion.  I mean really…who would know if I watched sappy romantic comedies all Sunday afternoon?

I have identified three techniques to get myself back into this fun game of change and exploration of ME.

Three Techniques for Getting Back into the Game

Move.  Getting my body moving and the endorphins flowing is a fabulous way to counter attack any bad behaviors, bad habits, and negative emotions.  The change of environment that movement creates removes me from a situation and typically brings me outdoors.  My three movements are walk (either as endurance training or leisurely walking the dog), 15 minute home chores tackle, or just refreshing my beverage at work and maybe taking the long way back to my desk.

Tackle the TO Do List.  Go accomplish something.  Chose an item or three from todays To Do List and get them done.  Even if it is the three quick hits, you have achieved three things that you wanted to get done today.  Creating a sense of accomplishment will jumpstart your mental and emotional state and get you winning the game of change.

Revisit Your Strategies of Change.  My strategies of change list motivates me.  It is a reminder of the things I want to do while my daughter is away as well as what will keep me connected to her while she is away.  Go to the list and pull out 5 things that would counter attack the negatives and ignite positive emotions in you.  Today I am pulling out the following BIG 5:

  1. Clean the house and yard (not especially fun, but will be an accomplishment)
  2. Harvest the fruit in my yard (rewarding)
  3. Share my daughters address with a few more family and friends (help her remain connected while she is away)
  4. Start planning a family rafting outing (staying connected to friends and family)
  5. Write more content for this series (exploring my passion).

Today as you play your game of change, identify the three techniques that get you back into the game and winning during this time of change.    Please share with me one of your techniques in the comments section of this blog post.

Over the next few weeks I will blog about my journey through the change of my daughter leaving home for a few months.  My intention is to really pay attention to what I am going through and learn from it.  Then put this into a 30 Day Plan for others to use as a Framework for their New Change.  Your insights on navigating change, your words of advice and wisdom, and your current or past experiences are welcome here.  Please share and help me make this a space of learning and exploration.

I consider all who participate in this blog a member of my RD&D Team.  If you would like to receive the “beta” version of the product that is generated from this blog series for FREE please participate by leaving your comments and send a blank e-mail to  Once the initial product is ready for review I will notify you with instruction on how to receive your FREE copy for review and use.


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    • 100smilechallenge

      Today I am setting up something you may appreciate and find very helpful.

      Last year I blogged a series on creating habits. Today I am putting that series together as 30 daily e-mails that will take you from new habit intention to an established practice. You can subscribe to the series by sending a blank e-mail to

      Hope to see you there 🙂

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