100 Smile Challenge: National Girlfriends Day

Today, August 1, is National Girlfriends Day.

Today’s Simple Smile Igniter is to connect with your girlfriends.  Those girls who

  • listen to you when you need a sounding board,
  • who walk miles with you as you work off those nasty 5 pounds between you and that really cute pair of jeans
  • and those girls you hang out at Happy Hour for hours with.

What are the things you like to do with your girlfriends?  If you are like me, my girlfriends get lost in my long work days, family life, blogging, and my romance.  So today I am exploring a few ways to stay connected with my girlfriends.  In the comments section please share with me how you stay connected to the favorite women in your life.

Cooking Club

Start a cooking club! Choose a day that’s easy to remember, like the first Sunday of each month, and stick with it. Each time you meet, choose a theme—Italian, Mediterranean, Thai, Comfort…go all-out with your imagination! Each member of the club should cook a dish and bring it to the host’s house. Have fun, and don’t worry about creating the perfect dish—it’s the eating together that counts, not the fancy food. Enjoy your friends’ company.

Get Pampered

Get your girlfriends together for a weekend of relaxing, shopping and eating! Pick a getaway that’s easily accessible for all of you, and make a retreat of it! Get pampered at the spa, take a trip to the shopping district and eat at the best restaurants. The weekend will surely energize all of you!

Charity Ladies

Turn your girls’ night out into a day to give back to the community. Spend time volunteering at school, churches, soup kitchens or day care centers. Strengthen the bond of friendship and get a lesson in compassion!

Book Club

If you and several friends are already interested in reading, your book club is well on its way! Each month, have a different person pick the book that the group will read. Agree on a location for your meetings—whether it’s a restaurant, library, or your living room, you’re bound to have a great time.

If you choose to always have them at your friends’ homes, make the gathering even more fun by deciding on a theme for refreshments!

Traveling Buddies

Leave the family and the job for a few days every year and go on a getaway with your girlfriends. Spend time researching the type of place you all want to go (Beach? Mountains? Big city?) and what you want to do (Relax? Shop? Tour?). Remember, half the fun is in the planning!

Other ideas could be:

  • Start a Common Interest Blog
  • Share your Knowledge.
  • Make something.
  • Start a Business
  • Happy Hour Club
  • Pursue a Common Goal
  • Create a Lunch Club

How are you going to get together with your girls today or in the near future?  Today my best girlfriend and I are preparing for Sangrias.

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