National Forget-Me-Not Day

Yesterday November 10 was National Forget-Me-Not Day.  Let’s combine yesterday’s holiday with this month’s theme of Gratitude.


One of the key elements of gratitude is to not only acknowledge the good things happening on our lives, but to also acknowledge those who help bring us those good things.

Six years ago I celebrated my 10 year anniversary as an employee at Nike.  It was quite the milestone for me.  I never thought I would be at a single company for 10 consecutive years.  During that celebration I realized there were many people who played a role in getting me to that place.  Of course the many managers and co-workers were significant factors, but also those who helped me on a personal level, like my mom and step dad who took care of my daughter on all those business trips to Asia and of course my daughter herself.

My daughter, Shianne, grew up as a Nike child.  Her patience with my many work hours, vacations with my laptop, and us being apart when I was on business trips has been remarkable.  I have been at Nike for 16 years next month and I would have never had such a fulfilling career without the support of so many.

Today I thank all who have supported me in this amazing journey.  Your kindness, support, and tolerance have contributed to my success.  And Shianne thank you for your love and support, growing up with a mom who likes to work and travel has not always been easy, but through it all I hope I set a good example of what adult life, commitment, and love is all about.

Today’s Simple Smile Igniter is to celebrate your success with a grateful heart and send out a thank you to at least one of the amazing people who have assisted, supported, and/or inspired you on your journey.

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  1. Pj Zafra

    Hi Jodi,

    That is amazing! Congratulations on your milestone. That’s definitely something to be proud of. I’m happy to see that you look at your life with full thanks. That’s how it should be.

    Thanks for sharing this!


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