Gratitude: Go Through the Motions to Shift Your Emotional Energy

There are days that even the typically happy don’t feel very grateful or happy.  Sometimes the negative influences seem to have a power over us, but we can break their hold on us by going through the motions of gratitude while allowing the emotions to catch up.


On this Feel Fabulous Friday if you are feeling a little less than grateful try one or more of these motions to shift your energy into a state of gratitude:

Smile.  Smiles are cross cultural and contagious actions that stimulate the brains reward mechanism that even chocolate (a known mood booster) cannot match.  In a study out of the UK that used electromagnetic brain scan machinery and heart rate sensors to create “mood boosting values” for various stimuli, they found that one smile can provide the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 chocolate bars or 16,000 Pounds Sterling (US$25,000) in cash.  So put on a smile…oh can’t generate one on your own?  They are contagious.  Happy children smile 400 times per day, take a walk to the part and watch the children play and catch a smile for the day.

Say “Thank You”.  When we say “Thank You” we acknowledge someone for the kind and good deeds they bless us with.  Make eye contact and say “Thank You” for all the kindnesses surrounding you.  When you take the time to express a true gratitude to its source you will find your energy shift to a state of true gratitude.

Write Letters of Gratitude.  The mere act of writing a letter of gratitude will shift your emotional state into a state of more happiness and gratitude.  It is not even necessary to deliver the letter to the source of your gratitude.  The expression is enough to create the desired state of gratitude and increased joy.

Go on a Gratitude Visit.  Visit a person who has been responsible for a blessing in your life and let them know of the positive impact they have had on you.  The act of recounting and reaching out to someone who supports you will have you both counting your blessings and achieving a state of gratitude.

Today’s Simple Smile Igniter is to Feel Fabulous on this Friday.  If you are feeling less than grateful for the blessings in your life or you are stuck in a negative rut and need a boost out, put one of the above suggestions into motion and watch your emotion pick up.

You know I prefer list of 5 or 7, what would you add to this list of motions to shift your emotions into a state of gratitude?

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