Mindset Monday: Challenges to Gratitude

The month of November, a time where many in the USA are reminded to show gratitude and experience gratitude in life due to the Thanksgiving holiday, is coming to a close soon.  How has this month of gratitude been for you?  Was it a consistent flow of good and positive heartwarming messages to you?  Did you experience any of the challenges to gratitude?

Yes, there are challenges to gratitude.  Gratitude contradicts some deeply ingrained negative psychological tendencies.  Let’s explore a few of those and state them as problems in a way that will allow a change of our mindsets, if necessary:

The “Self-Serving Bias” Mindset believes that good is the result of something we did and bad is the result of others or circumstance.  This belief system is contradictory to the scientific findings of gratitude.  The Mindset of Gratitude challenges that belief when we acknowledge the contributions of others for the good that comes into our lives.  Gratitude demonstrates the positive connections we have with others in the world, as we acknowledge the good we seek the one to thank for that good.  When we are stuck in the self-serving bias mindset we blame others for the things that go wrong in our lives, but with gratitude we see all situations as opportunities to grow and learn, we see the positive connections and the opportunities even if we are hurt by another’s contribution.

The “In-Control” Mindset believes we control all that happens in our lives.  The Mindset of Gratitude challenges that belief by showing us we need to accept many things as out of our control.  Sometimes things just happen and sometimes others cause things to happen in spite of our best efforts to create other outcomes.  The “In Control” Mindset limits us to attempting only the things we know we can achieve or influence.  When we adopt the Mindset of Gratitude we know we are connected to many and the path before us will unfold as we take inspired actions towards what we desire and more.

The “Just World” Mindset believes we get what we deserve; good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people.  The Mindset of Gratitude challenges that believe by showing us that we get more than we deserve.  The Mindset of Gratitude shows us on a daily basis that our lives are filled with blessings and people who support us in spite of whatever it is that we or others think we deserve.

The “Gratitude is Bragging” Mindset believes we are arrogant when we outwardly acknowledge the good happening in our own lives.  The Mindset of Gratitude contradicts this belief by showing us that gratitude and its expression positively connects us to people.  It demonstrates the positive connection we have and opens the path to more positive connections as we pass on the blessings and abundance we experience and acknowledge through gratitude.

Are there other belief patterns that are blocking your expression and acknowledgement of gratitude?  Please share with me if there is.  Research and reader input are my most valuable resources for information on the topics I write on.

Today’s Simple Smile Igniter is to increase your Mindset of Gratitude by challenging back some of the beliefs that may block you from a full express of gratitude and connection to those who support you.  Think back over this month was there anything that stood in the way of a full expression of gratitude?  Counter attack those challenges with the facts of gratitude:

  • Gratitude connects us to those who support us.
  • Gratitude reveals a world of abundance.
  • Gratitude, expressed regularly, leads to increased happiness in life.

Have a great week!

Thank you for visiting me here on the 100 Smile Challenge Blog,



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