Gratitude: Grateful for How We Give and Serve Others

Today I am challenging myself to pass along 100 items that could be of value to someone else.  Of course I am running through those items I no longer need first.  So far I am at 62 items:  54 pieces of clothing that do not flatter my figure, 1 pair of shoes I can never keep on my feet, 2 kids toys (my daughter is 17), and 4 little picture frames and1 decorator light switch plate which do not match my decor.  The 38 remaining items are somewhere in my home probably gathering dust or preventing me from getting to the things I really like and would like to use.

I am grateful to have an abundance of items and to be able to pass along items that could be of value to someone else, especially during this holiday season when many are looking for more clothing to keep themselves and those they love warm and fashionable during this cooler weather.

Do you have items you no longer need or use that you could also pass along to others in need?

My mother for years has asked me this same question over and over again, “How many t-shirts does a woman need?”  She expects an answer to her question and wishes Martha Stewart would provide it.  She really does.  I tell her she only needs as many as she wears between washings.  If she finds herself having to wash clothes just to get a t-shirt she may need another one or two.  If she always has a drawer full of t-shirts even when the dirty clothes hamper is full of dirty clothes, she probably could get rid of at least ¾ of that pile still in her drawer.

My theory is we only need what we use.  We do not need to have a stock pile of miscellaneous items.  We can simplify our busy and cluttered lives by sharing our stock piles with those who are in real need.  This is just one way that we can graciously give to and serve others.

Today’s Simple Smile Igniter is to get into a state of gratitude for how you give and serve others.  You may have items you can pass along or you may have other ways you give and serve others.  Today put some action behind your ability and allow the feeling of gratitude to engulf you.


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