AmnestyA sure path to happiness is to forgive and release hurtful feelings.  It is not necessary to forgive and FORGET, but in most cases it is necessary to forgive and release the pain so you can regain your power and live with more smiles in your life.

 The funny thing about forgiveness is that many times those we need to forgive have no idea they did anything that they need to be forgiven for.  Sometimes people just get on our nerves by doing things the “wrong” way, or doing things below our own personal standard.  Sometime we are just tired and our tolerance for the differences of the world runs low.  People can be annoying, not intentionally, but we get annoyed and need to let go of those annoyances so we can live with fewer frustrations and more smiles.

 Today may be the day to let all the little things go.

Today may be the day to clean the palette and start fresh.

Today may be the day to grant amnesty to all those who annoy you.

Amnesty is an act of forgiveness for past offenses, especially to a class of persons as a whole.  Is it possible that all those to create those little annoyances that build up could be considered a “class of persons”?  For my own sanity…today I will consider them a “class of persons” and grant them amnesty…although they probably will not be aware of this pardon.

Today I will follow these three strategies as I grant amnesty to all those who have been jumping on my last nerve:

Allow people to be.  I know we all get wrapped up in our own head at times and just want to complete our tasks, sometimes we forget there are others who depend on us or that we simply cross paths with others.  When I consider that each one of us functions at our highest level possible in any given moment, even me, it reminds me that we all do dumb, thoughtless, and even selfish things on occasion, even me.  We do not deserve a reprimand; we just need to be allowed to be.  We need to be allowed to be our best selves, even when that is below our own standards at times.  Today as I grant those who annoy me amnesty, I will simply allow you to be.

Stop Judging.  Although at times I do think I know the “right” way of doing things, I have to remind myself that there is almost always another way.  When granting amnesty for those who annoy me, I also give up the judgments.  Today especially I will allow people to do things their way without a judgment of if it is good or bad, right or wrong.

Be the Duck.  Sometimes it is helpful for me to create a visual or a mantra when I am tasking myself with an attitude or behavior change.  Today, as I grant amnesty to others, I will be the duck.  I will let it all roll off my back.  Like water from a ducks back, minor annoyances will not soak into me.

Today’s SIMPLE SMILE IGNITER is to grant amnesty to a “class of persons” who are causing you to carry a burden.  Whenever we are feeling burdened and annoyed we are dampening our own ability to live life at our personal best.  When we can release and let go of the annoyances we forgive the world and bring healing into our own lives.  Today heal yourself by letting go of the judgments you place on others.  When you let it go, you will smile more.


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  1. Arlee Bird

    Glad to see you on the road to catching up with the Challenge. This is good advice in your first post of the series and a fine way to start things off.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

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