Your Declaration of Independence

There are a few well known words and phrases that I hold as SACRED TRUTHS in life.  The words of the declaration of independence are one of those.  Although this declaration was to establish the independence of the US from England these are words we can use today to establish a personal independence from those things that bind us.

When was the last time you really considered the words of the United States Declaration of Independence, even just the beginning few which state that every citizen has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Today’s let’s break this down and create our own declarations.

We have the right to LIFE.  Now I do not want to go into a “right to life” vs. abortion debate.  I simply want us to define life as we want to live it.  Let’s adopt the definition of life as the course of existence or sum of experiences and actions that constitute a person’s existence.  What are the experiences and actions that are making up your life?  Do you merely exist or are you creating a life that excites you?

Many have a life confined by self-imposed limitations or have traded their freedom for careless actions. Self-imposed limitations are the beliefs we have adopted that bind us, restrict us, and prevent us from seizing opportunities and expanding the experiences and actions that would enhance our lives.  Trading freedom for careless actions is making poor choices that restrict our freedoms; this could be ignoring health issues until your body is in crisis to criminal actions that remove civil liberties.

We may all have a trace of both of these, self-imposed limitations can sneak up on us through our routines and careless actions can be excused by the busy-ness of life.  For both of these it is not until we slow down and evaluate or often simply listen to our own internal desires and intuition that we start to break their bond and create the sum of experiences and actions that constitute the life we want to be living.

Today’s 1st Simple Smile Igniter is to declare your independence from the self-imposed limitations and careless actions of your life.  There are three areas I recommend your search for these:

(1)   Examine Your Routines.  Now you know I am a believer in habits, simple daily actions that lead us to our goals, but examine these routines and habits to ensure they are leading you towards your goals and not blocking you from your greatest desires.

(2)   Evaluate Your Tradeoffs.  We have to prioritize and make tradeoffs in life.  We chose to put extra time into that work project instead of taking a 20 minute walk one day and before we know it we have traded many walks for many projects and gained 5 pounds.  Are your tradeoffs bringing you closer to a better life?

(3)   Listen.  I believe we hold all the answers within ourselves.  What is your intuition trying to tell you?  Ask and listen for an answer.  If you cannot hear the answer yet, tell it you will be back for the answer after your 20 minute walk, or some other activity.  Your subconscious will prepare the answer for you and when you return you will be relaxed enough to hear it.

Now let’s look at LIBERTY.  Let’s adopt the following definition of liberty, the freedom from captivity, confinement, or physical constraint.  When we live liberated we live with freedom for ourselves and others.  We live with the opportunity to create, to pursue, to seize our desires without infringing upon the liberties of others.  Yet, at times we forget how free we actually are.

We allow ourselves to be influenced and we make decisions at times that bind us and rob us of our freedoms.  We make financial decisions that make us slaves to a credit card, mortgage payment, or maintaining an image.  We ignore our responsibilities until they overwhelm us and although we are not classified as hoarders, we have too much stuff that is uncared for and needs to eliminate so we can live with more freedom in our own homes.  We fail to care for our bodies and find we have restricted movement in certain areas that lead to physical constraints which a refreshing daily walk would eliminate.

Your liberty and freedom is worth fighting for.  Today’s 2nd Simple Smile Igniter is to examine your freedoms.  In what areas of your life are you feeling captive, confined, or physically constrained? Today evaluate your escape routes and take the one that liberates you without infringing upon the liberties of others.

Finally let’s look at your PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  Happiness is complex and unique; its definition is best left to you to define for yourself.  On this blog I write about the many ways people can pursue happiness.  Happiness is an important element in the life of so many besides me.  Happiness is as important as air, water, and food to my body.  I physically feel better when I am happy.  I mentally feel better when I am happy.  And emotionally I, of course, feel better when I am happy.

Happiness is a choice.  Although lots of things can happen in life that can have negative effects on us, happiness is ultimately a choice.  Of course things break my heart and some days my strength weakens and the tears flow, but when I chose to bring my thoughts and actions back to the principles of this blog and the things that bring me joy happiness returns.  This blog and the influence the research and the writing have on my life is my pursuit of happiness.  My hope is that this blog serves as inspiration for you as you define and pursue happiness in your own life as well.

Today’s 3rd Simple Smile Igniter is to pursue your happiness.  Today make a list of the 10 things that bring you joy and make your pursuit of happiness easy.  For example, my dog paves my path to happiness.  The dogs of my life have always welcomed me home with such enthusiasm and love that they are a symbol and source of daily happiness.  List just 10 of the things that bring you more joy and keep this list nearby, turn it into an art piece, a collage, a poem, an info graphic…you get the idea make it visible and available.  On the days you are feeling down or weakened, go to this list and bring those things into your life.  Make this list a kick start to your pursuit of happiness when you need a boost.

Today and all days let’s declare our independence and live the LIFE we desire, let’s live with LIBERTY and freedom while embracing HAPPINESS.

Today I declare my right to LIFE by seeking independence from limiting beliefs and careless actions such as poor eating habits.  I will eat for the life I desire to live, not for comfort or out of careless behaviors.

Today I declare LIBERTY from stuff I do not need and want in my life.  I declare my freedom from clutter, tolerations, and excess and will take daily steps to free myself.

Today I embrace HAPPINESS.  I choose happiness and blessing.  It is my declaration that I will be resilient; I will bounce back and learn from the situations that bring me joy as well as those that don’t.  I will do more of what makes me happy and less of what drains my energy.


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