Quality of Life Month & The 100 Smile Challenge

A simple definition of the quality of life is the state of being gratified or satisfied. This month is the International Quality of Life Month so I decided to jump on board with an exploration of quality of life from the 100 Smile Challenge perspectives.

Over the last few years I have been fascinated with the field of positive psychology, the study of what makes us happy. Through the study and application of its principles I have transformed my life from cynicism, fear, and lack of confidence to one of gratitude, opportunity, and joy in the moment. I have enhanced the quality of my life by the application of the topics I write about in this blog. The specifics of what makes each individual happy are specific to the individual, but I think I have captured the key areas in the following categories:
The basis of this blog has been how to identify and do more of the things in life that bring smiles to our faces, the ultimate indicator of a good quality of life. This month let’s dive into the 6 areas and the variety of tools available for increasing the quality of our own lives and the lives of those around us. Smiles are contagious, the more joy we create in our own lives the more smiles spread into the lives of those around us.
Join me this month for a reset and assessment of our own quality of life.

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