2015 Theme: How to Create a Ripple Effect of Smiles

This year on the 100 Smile Challenge Blog I am adjusting my perspective.  In the previous years of this blog the writing has been about How to Ignite Our Own Smiles.  In 2015 I would like to extend the focus to How to Create a Ripple Effect of Smiles.  Each month we will explore personal actions that not only ignite our own smiles but ignite the smiles of those around us.  I truly believe a bit of positive energy shared with others is infectious, not to all people, but to many people.  And at times if it is just one other person that needs a bit of our magic then our purpose is fulfilled.

Each month we will strengthen and create positive energy giving habits that create ripples of smiles all around us.  I will combine research on the topic of the month with the best habit forming research to help us create positive habits that transform our world.  As we turn these ideas into actions we will create a ripple of positive energy around us.

A few ideas for the series are:

  • Perfect the Art of the Honest Compliment – A compliment could be described as an intentional ripple, done with honesty and a bit of artful design a compliment is typically endearing. Let’s perfect the art of the heartfelt compliment.
  • Optimistic Living – The positive energy in genuine optimism is infectious. Let’s explore optimistic living from a genuine perspective.
  • Bring in Beauty – Beauty creates a ripple of its very own and takes so many forms. Let’s explore how we can bring more sustaining beauty into our lives.
  • Socially Connect – From a simple “hello” and smile for a stranger to our most intimate love connections, our social connections are the inner rings of the ripple we create. Let’s explore how to strengthen our connections so our ripples multiple.
  • Express Gratitude – Expressing gratitude is probably the easiest and most often overlooked method of creating a ripple effect of positive energy in our own life and the lives of others.
  • Follow Your Heart – So often our best intentions never turn into action, what if for 30 days our best intentions did turn into actions. What would happen?

I am not completely abandoning the How to Ignite Our Own Smiles, this new series will certainly do this for us, our smile combined with action will be what starts the ripple into motion.  While I am creating these new series I will also be completing the previous series to turn those into e-books, e-journals and other resources.  Each of those series are packed full of important information, ideas, and activities for transforming lives, I hear all the time about how the writings have helped people going through difficult times or just looking to enhance life so I want to make sure those are available to anyone who needs to ignite their own smile going forward.

Please join me in 2015 for How to Create a Ripple Effect of Smiles.

Ripple Effect_How to Header

Thank you,


Chief Smile Igniter

100 Smile Challenge Blog

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