Ripple Effect: The Art of Compliments: Day 1

Finally let’s get started with creating a ripple with compliments. I have to admit sometimes I think this may be a slightly silly thing to write about but typically just after thinking that someone completely fumbles through a compliment and I think “I should write this series for you”. That being shared a compliment is much more than just putting the right words together, before we get our words together we need to increase our awareness of others.

As I write this I am on the train to a meeting in NW PDX instead of my Nike Golf Office. My attention is going into my phone. I am certainly not alone many of us are giving our phones our full attention.

In order to create a ripple with a compliment we need to look up and notice others. We need to interact with others in the real world. We can virtually compliment, but I encourage you (and me) to make our compliments eye to eye.

So as we build habits that create positive ripples today lets increase our awareness, look up, say hi, and simply notice other people.


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  1. Marcy Apple

    Jodi I loved this piece. You know just the right time to say just the right thing. (Pretend I am looking you straight in the eye as I say this.)

    Marcy Apple “Dance to the music of your dreams…the steps will bring you joy”

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