2015 A-Z Blog Challenge: Theme Reveal

Well…here I am AGAIN…another bout of being single…

  • “better alone than in bad company”
  • “just think of all that time you have back”
  • “now you have time to write again”

Yes…ok…the last one pulls me forward, perhaps the others should but he wasn’t always bad company and when he was good company he was great company. I loved being with him and his kids (they are really great kids, I love them). However sometimes love is not enough, sometimes, years of poor communication techniques and bad dating habits snuff out the love and desire. I love him, my heart is broken, but sometimes there are deal breakers that cannot be ignored.

So why am I writing about this on the 100 Smile Challenge…because smiling can be a challenge when we go through changes that we don’t necessarily want or choose. I chose this change, although it was in response to something consistently and increasingly going wrong in our relationship. So I chose this change, I need this change, but I would have so much preferred things to have worked out and to be honest I really hope someday we can at least be friends again in a whole and healthy manner, but that is not possible today and I need to be whole and healthy every day.

Writing has always been a source of therapy for me. I started this blog several years ago because I was really down (not depressed, but down), had a growing interest in Positive Psychology (the study of what is right about individuals), and a passion for the written word, especially in blogs. Through the years I have learned a lot and shared a lot. Although I have not been writing much recently I still have a small but consistent stream of people telling me how they have enjoyed my writing and found it helpful when they need a smile ignited.

So my A-Z Blog Challenge for 2015 theme is Getting Back Up When Life Has Knocked You Down. Everything I write I will have put, or be putting, into practice. This Challenge will be about recovery and resilience when the worst thing in the world has not happened, but we would have so much preferred a different outcome in our current situation. It will be about the importance of taking care of ourselves, when we feel alone or someone we thought cared about us has left a void. If you have gone through an upset and need to heal or simply regroup, then please join me, together let’s stand back up, dust ourselves off, explore what ignites our smiles, and demonstrate our resilience.


Add Yours
  1. njmagas

    What a great theme. I know it’s felt like I’ve been struggling to pick myself up after just one more upset these past couple months. Gotta keep moving, always moving.

  2. RO

    Great topic! Sometimes, it’s definitely a struggle, but it helps when you have others on board who share the same goals. Thanks for sharing. Hugs…www.intheknowwithro.blogspot.com

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