Today I Think…Each Day is a Gift

What we think is what we become…
…each day is a gift.

As I awoke this morning I was reminded of the beauty and blessing of today.

 Each day is a gift from God.  
Each day is a present that I unwrap as I move through my day. Today I chose to accept this gift with gratitude and grace. Grateful for the day, the interactions, and the activities. Extending grace to those who may be unwrapping their gift with a heavy heart or another perspective that may diminish their blessings today. And a graceful assumption that today we will each live to our best abilities at each given moment.

I not only unwrap my gift for me as I chose how I will move through my day, but I help others unwrap theirs as I interact with them. May I be a source of kindness and universal love to those I cross paths with today. God use me as a source of honesty wrapped in grace in this world today.  

And to those I deeply cherish and love, to those whom God’s richly blessed my life with let me demonstrate pure love. The love that moves mountains. The love that radiates even during the darkest hours. The love that outlasts time and breath. To those I love unconditionally let me help them to feel unconditionally loved.
Today is my gift.  
Today is my present.  

Today I unwrap my gift with gratitude and grace. 

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