30 Day New Habit Challenge

The blog series I was the most excited to share with my readers, receive the most requests for, and I refer back to often is the 30 Day New Habit Challenge which post October of 2011.  As my birthday gift to my readers and keeping in accordance with my theme for the year Abundance for ALL I have posted this quick reference to the 30 Day New Habit Challenge posts.  Anytime you want to build a habit that supports you drop by and check out the New Habit Tip of the Day.

The series is set up to help you establish one new habit in 30 consecutive days of consistent practice.  Throughout the series I share tips on

  • how to pick the habit that best supports you
  • how to implement the habit most effectively
  • how to set small areas of your life on auto-pilot
  • how to get started when you are unmotivated
  • and many more tips and techniques that will help you create small actions that lead to big impact.

DAY 1:  Welcome & Introduction to the Challenge

DAY 2:  Engage All Your Senses

DAY 3:  Harness the Power of Consistency

DAY 4:  Keep It Simple Sweetie (KISS)

DAY 5:  Trust the Process of Success

DAY 6:  Replace Lost Needs

DAY 7:  Three Zones of Comfort

DAY 8:  Set an Anchor

DAY 9:  Forgive Yourself and Keep Going

DAY 10:  Check Your Thoughts and Phrases (use “but”)

DAY 11:  Remove Temptation

DAY 12:  Associate with Role Models

DAY 13:  Consider this an Experiment

DAY 14:  Know Your Natural Approach to Challenge

DAY 15:  Seconds Earlier

DAY 16:  Know Your Keys to Success

DAY 17:  Write an Affirmation for Your New Habit

DAY 18:  Know the Benefits of Your Positive Change

DAY 19:  Know the Pain of NOT Making a Change

DAY 20:  Do This for YOU

DAY 21:  Establish a Reward

DAY 22:  New Pathways have Formed

DAY 23:  Make Your New Habit Hard to Not Do (Set Up Obstacles or Barriers)

DAY 24:  Delay the Decision to Not Act (Start then Ask if Your Want to Continue)

DAY 25:  Notice and Acknowledge What is Working (Success Left Clues)

DAY 26:  Embody Success Attitudes

DAY 27:   The Choice is Yours

DAY 28 – 31:  CELEBRATE!

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