7 Strategies of the 100 Smile Challenge

The 100 Smile Challenge Follows 7 Key Strategies to Create a Life of More Smiles.  Most posts will follow one of these strategies.  Please refer back to this page periodically to follow the links like you would follow in a book on each specific strategy.

Strategy 1.  Create the Mindset that Allows More Joy in YOUR Life

The amount of joy you have in your life depends more on your mindset than on your circumstances.  When your mind is set on more of the positives in life and less on the negatives you will find more joy and fulfillment entering your life.

Strategy 2.  Live in the Moment

Mindfulness is the state of active, open, and intentional attention on the present.  No reminiscing over the past.  No worrying about the future.  Living fully in the present moment will free you to fully experience all the amazement that is already surrounding you.

Strategy 3.  Work Towards Inspiring Goals and Purpose

Nothing is more motivating and rewarding than knowing your purpose, having goals that align, and a plan to achieve your most inspiring goals.  Smiles are a natural byproduct of the process of fulfilling a deep desire. 

Strategy 4.  Feel Good

It is difficult to smile when your body is dragging you down, you have spent too much energy on other people, you are mentally exhausted, and your environment drains you.  Smiles come much easier when you feel good and your life is filled with positive experiences.

Strategy 5.  Let Your Social Connections Feed Your Soul

Most of our social connections are self created.  We choose our friends, our spouses, and often have influence over who we work with.  When we find joy and contentment in regular social connections we connect with humanity in a more positive way.

Strategy 6.  Renew Your Sense of Play

So much of adult life is focused on objective oriented activities, such as work for a pay check, cultivate a garden to grow vegetables, and make a nutritious dinner so your children will be healthy.  But each of these activities could also be transformed into play simply because they are what we love to do.  When we are playing we are enjoying ourselves much more than when we are simply working.

Strategy 7.  100 Smile Challenge Toolbox

Life is full of tools that help us “get the job done”.  In the 100 Smile Challenge there are many tools to fill your proverbial toolbox so you can more easily craft a life that leads to more smiles and fulfillment.


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  1. Tia Bach

    Amazing post! I need some of these concepts to sit and marinate, but I know I’ll be back to taste and breathe it all in. Thanks for sharing. Found you through the Ultimate Blog Challenge. So glad I did.

    • 100smilechallenge

      Thank you Tia 🙂
      I followed your depressioncookies.com link and watched the interview.
      Your mother had a great quote “Bad choices can empower if you leave defeat at the door”.
      I have been considering my daughter and I reading a book together, I will suggest yours.

      Very nice to meet you here…and through the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

      • Tia Bach

        Thank you for your kind comments. Mom and I are huge believers in the power of choice and learning from the good and bad ones. I have three daughters and am the oldest of three girls. Women can be such a source of strength for each other, but they have to be supportive. Let me know if you and your daughter do read it. I’d love to know what you both think!

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