Connect Socially

100 Smile Challenge:

Let Your Social Connections Feed Your Soul

Most of our social connections are self created.  We choose our friends, our spouses, and often have influence over who we work with.  When we find joy and contentment in regular social connections we connect with humanity in a more positive way.

“When we seek for connection, we restore the world to wholeness.  Our seemingly separate lives become meaningful as we discover how truly necessary we are to each other.”

Margaret Wheatley

Tip 1.  Random Acts of Kindness

The beauty of Random Acts of Kindness is that they live eternally in the hearts of the receiver, the giver, and often the next in the path of kindness.  A Random Act of Kindness is a kindness of the most genuine type; spontaneous, meets a current need, contains a pure blessing, and expects nothing in return.  With Random Acts of Kindness it is typically not possible to return the good deed; it is only possible to pass the kindness on.

Tip 2.  Forgive & Release

A sure path to happiness is to forgive and release hurtful feelings.  It is not necessary to forgive and FORGET, but in most cases it is necessary to forgive and release the pain so you can regain your power and live with more smiles in your life.

Tip 3.  Trust


Tip 4.  Invest Time and Energy in Friendships

Building and maintaining healthy social connections is why we are on this planet.  We are here to interact, support, and develop each other which in turn fills our lives with smiles.  As we invest time and energy in friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers we find our place in the world where we can be a positive impact on others and receive the blessings of those social connections.

Tip 5.  Find Contentment in a Partner

A life partner is something we bless ourselves with.  When we can allow another into our lives for the long term we learn to love and live with another.  To find contentment is to achieve that balance between giving and receiving, between change and acceptance, between me and we.

Tip 6.  Give Generously


Tip 7.  Create Community

Community is the people and environments where we “fit in”, where we find the support we need and support others with our talents and gifts.  Community is self-created.  Community goes beyond our families although that is our training ground.  Community is where we invest ourselves.

Tip 8.  Find YOUR Love Signature

What is your love signature?  What is the thing that touches the hearts and gets the attention of those in your life?  When you create a love signature it writes your name on the heart of the receiver.  When you use your love signature it creates experiences which turn into memories which turn into the stories people tell about you.

Tip 9.  Pick YOUR Cause



Call to Action:

Where will you go from here?  Now that you know the seven strategies to bring more smiles into your life, what area of your life could use a little attention now? Are you ready to create a life of more fulfillment and smiles?

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