Feel Good

100 Smile Challenge: 

Feel Good

It is difficult to smile when your body is dragging you down, you have spent too much energy on other people, you are mentally exhausted, and your environment drains you.  Smiles come much easier when you feel good and your life is filled with positive experiences.

“…happiness gives us the energy which is the basis of health.”

Henri-Frederic Amiel

Tip 1.  Take Care of Your Health

Your health is your greatest asset; it determines your ability to function in the world.  Most of us are not in perfect health, most of us have a health challenge of some sort, but we each have the ability to maintain our own level of optimum health.  Knowing and applying the health strategies that allow you to be your best is critical to happiness and well-being.

Tip 2.  Fill Your Cup

So many of us, especially women, are in a continual giving and providing pattern.  If we are not careful we give until we are empty, leaving us cranky, exhausted, and burnt out.  Only when we can balance the giving and the replenishment can we be truly effective for ourselves and others.

Tip 3.  Nourish Your Soul

Regardless of religious affiliations or spiritual beliefs there is a need in most, if not all of us, to connect to a higher power in the world.  When we connect and find comfort in a higher power or a spiritual practice we find a calmness and peace that rejuvenates and nourishes the soul.

Tip 4.  Thrive in Your Environment

The space we work and play in is our environment.  Our environments add or subtract from our energy levels.  The things we see, sounds we hear, even the emotional states of others create an environment that we thrive in or merely survive in.  Knowing what you need to thrive in your environment is critical to create a nurturing space.

Tip 5.  Create Positive Experiences

So much of life is what we create of it.  Sure life impacts us on many levels, but we also have the ability to create so many positive experiences.  When we create positive experiences we fill our lives with great memories, enriching bonds with others, and demonstrate our ability to create the life we desire.

Tip 6.  Radiate Positive Energy

We can only radiate positive energy when we are truly in a positive place of well-being.  When we are centered, are naturally smiling, feeling well taken care of, giving back to our communities, and showing grace towards others we radiate positive energy.

Tip 7.  Invite Inspiration


Call to Action:

Where will you go from here?  Now that you know the seven strategies to bring more smiles into your life, what area of your life could use a little attention now? Are you ready to create a life of more fulfillment and smiles?

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