100 Smile Challenge:

Create the Mindset that Allows More Joy in YOUR Life

The amount of joy you have in your life depends more on your mindset than on your circumstances.  When your mind is set on more of the positives in life and less on the negatives you will find more joy and fulfillment entering your life.

“I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.”

Martha Washington
US wife of George Washington 1759 (1732 – 1802)

Tip 1.  Ignite Gratitude

The simplest way to form a positive connection with the people and things around you is to ignite your sense of gratitude.  When trouble is bringing you down and life seems to not be flowing in your favor reverse the current by getting into a state a gratitude for all the blessings that are surrounding you.

Tip 2.  Practice Positive Thinking

Your mindset can be influenced by your environment.  Replace the negative influences with positive and uplifting people, events, environments.  Nourish your spirit and see things in a positive light.  Even if the positive light is just a spark it can be transformed into a flame when and fueled.

Tip 3.  Eliminate Self Imposed Limitations

Nothing binds us more than the chains we bind ourselves with.  Our patterns of speech, our choices, the risks we take or refuse, and the way we view the world all create the limitations we live within.  Our self imposed limitations keep us safe, but also keep us from changing our lives for the better.

Tip 4.  The Power of Choice

Our lives are the results of our previous choices.  If we want things different and better, we have to make the choices that align to our true desires and take full responsibility for those choices and their results.

Tip 5.  Develop Your Intuition

You know you.  You know what you need better than anyone else.  Intuition is not for the clairvoyant only; we are all equipped with an internal navigation system. We just need to learn how to listen and develop our skill to follow our intuitive self.

Tip 6.  Accept Yourself and Others

When thinking about yourself does your mind flood with the many positives that make you amazing or does your inner critic drown out the good with what could be better about you and your life.  Learning to accept the amazing creation you are and those around you will allow you to radiate with a happy confident glow.

Tip 7.  Captivate Your Soul

When the soul is touched it is as though God has reached out and embraced us.  We all need a spiritual practice that connects us with a higher power.  May that be God or simply the workings of the universe, it is important to appreciate, connect, and relish in the greatness of the world we live in.

Call to Action:

Think of your mind as fertile ground to be cultivated into something that serves you, guides you, and allows you to create an amazing life.  Left unguarded it can fall victim to whatever moves in.  Now is the time to start bringing in and acknowledging all the positives this life is offering you.  The more you can cultivate your mind and create a positive mindset the more positive experiences you will create and attract.  The more positive experiences you have, the more smiles you will also have.

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