100 Smile Challenge: 

Renew Your Sense of Play

So much of adult life is focused on objective oriented activities, such as work for a pay check, cultivate a garden to grow vegetables, and make a nutritious dinner so your children will be healthy.  But each of these activities could also be transformed into play simply because they are what we love to do.  When we are playing we are enjoying ourselves much more than when we are simply working.

“You don’t have to have rules or goals or a board or even anything to play with except each other. But whatever it is that you’re playing, there are two things you have to take seriously: being together, and the sheer fun of it all. No game is more important than the experience of being together, being joined, being equal – governed by the same rules, playing for the same purpose. And no purpose is more uniting and freeing than the purpose of being fun with each other.”

Bernie DeKoven, one of the originators of the New Games movement

Tip 1.  Rediscover Recess


Tip 2.  Ignite Your Spirit


Tip 3.  Optimal Moments


Tip 4.  The Game of Life


Tip 5.  Flow


Tip 6. 


Tip 7. 


Call to Action:

Where will you go from here?  Now that you know the seven strategies to bring more smiles into your life, what area of your life could use a little attention now? Are you ready to create a life of more fulfillment and smiles?

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