What is the 100 Smile Challenge?

The 100 SMILE CHALLENGE is a series of Simple Smile Igniting Ideas that will help you find and create more smiles in your life.

The challenge is not in generating a smile, although there are days when that can be a challenge.  The challenge of this 100 SMILE CHALLENGE is to generate a list of 100 things, people, events or activities that make you smile.

Your “list” can take on many forms.  Your list can be an actual list, a collage, a photo album (digital or physical), or something else.

My intended editorial schedule is as follows:

Sunday Preview.  On Sundays I will introduce you to the Smile Igniting Topic for the Week.

Meet a Mentor Monday.  Every Monday I will share a Message from a Mentor.  These are real people, researchers, and others who will help bring the topic of the week to life.  Many of these will be in the form of TEDx talks.

Tuesday Tools and Article.  On Tuesdays I will share what I know on the topic as a Positive Psychology Researcher and Practitioner (currently in training).  I will bring you current scientific findings and research as well as tools and resources that allow you to go deeper into the topic if you would like to.

Wednesday and Thursday are General Smile Igniters.  These will flow as inspired.  Each typically includes a quote, an image, words of inspiration, and a smile igniting activity related to this week’s topic.  As you put some of these into practice notice which ones truly ignite your smile and ignite the smiles of those around you.  Those are the activities to remember and do more regularly in your life.

Friday is Finish Strong Friday.  For many Friday signals the end of the work week.  For us on the blog we will finish the topic of the week, we may come back to it again later, but for the current week I will identify a way to finish and celebrate this week’s topic.

Saturday Recap.  Every Saturday I will provide a wrap up of the topic for the week.  It will be the Cliff Notes of the week’s posts with links back to the posts you would like all the details on, my resources, and when available ways to go deeper into the topic.

Guest Bloggers will occasionally appear on this blog.  If you would like to be a featured guest blogger please contact me with your blog, contact info, and the topic you would like to blog about.  Please ensure your topic aligns with the stated intentions of The 100 Smile Challenge.


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  1. Kate @ Musings

    What a fabulous idea! I just came across your site for the A to Z Challenge, and glad that I did! I think I want to try to make my Smile Board! Looking forward to spending more time with your site to discover those hidden gems that make me smile!

    Here is my A to Z Challenge. I hope you stop by!

    • 100smilechallenge

      Funny that you mention “common sense”…I joke that some day I will run for political office on the common sense platform. Many say I would get enough votes to win on that platform. Oh well… 🙂

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