What is the 100 Smile Challenge?

The 100 SMILE CHALLENGE is a series of Simple Smile Igniting Ideas that will help you find and create more smiles in your life.

The challenge is not in generating a smile, although there are days when that can be a challenge.  The challenge of this 100 SMILE CHALLENGE is to generate a list of 100 things, people, events or activities that make you smile.

Your “list” can take on many forms.  Your list can be an actual list, a collage, a photo album (digital or physical), or something else.

This blog was created in 2011 from a need to find my own Smile Igniters during a time of my life when I was especially overwhelmed and in a difficult relationship.  My self study of Positive Psychology and translating my learning into Simple Smile Igniters for this blog transformed the foundations I live by.  When I am down I now know how to lift myself back up, I am much more resilient and I have a better me to offer the world.

In 2017 I completed formal study to receive a Certification in Applied Positive Psychology.  In my professional career I am in Corporate Operations, which I love, I work to make corporate life simple and systematic by manage timelines and processes while facilitating and implementing change for corporate teams.  My desire for 2019 is to combine my passions if Positive Psychology (the science of well-being) with Operations Management (the art of getting things done) to create resources that bridge the gap between the science of well being and the art of application.  My intention is to help you apply the ideas of this blog to ignite more smiles in your life.

Many of my previous writings will be re-posted eventually, but only after thorough reviews and updates to align with current findings in these sciences.  In 2019 I will also be creating Content Upgrades in the form of Printable and Digital Planner Pages.  My intent is to help you bridge the gap between idea and application to create lasting improvements in well-being for all of us.

I am really excited about this relaunch and happy that you have stopped by.  Please subscribe to the blog and/or jump on my e-newsletter list to receive additional info not posted to the blog, previews of other writings and projects, and more.

If you have questions related to Igniting Your Smile or would like to see specific topics written about on this blog please let me know through the comments section below.

Thank you and wishing you an ignited smile today,