Savoring Saturdays: Morning Baking

I have a challenge out to myself for the year of 2018 and hopefully this will carry beyond.  My challenge in 2018 is to savor my life and specifically to Savor Saturdays.  My work week is Monday through Friday, Sundays I often work a bit or focus on what needs to be done on the weekend to support myself the rest of the week (laundry, meal prep, yard work, etc.).

Saturdays, however, are a day to be savored.  A day to fill with joy and then extend that good for as long as possible.

It is said that savoring is a key strategy in warding off depression and bringing more joy into ones life.  I’ll share the science later, today I am just savoring my morning before we head off to activities with my boyfriend and my daughter.

This morning I made Banana Bread.  Someone at work left ripening bananas in the kitchen for someone (like me) to turn into bread.  And another one of my co-workers shared her favorite banana bread recipe with me least night.

This morning I woke early, not even sure what time, went through my morning routine and added baking to that mix.  As I showered the Banana Bread baked and filled the house with its sweet aroma.  Once done I made coffee for my guy and me and served him breakfast and coffee in bed before taking the dogs for a walk through the neighborhood.

Now I’m blogging, this could be my perfect morning, although I am fighting off a sinus headache, could a healthy dash of a morning savored along with a dose of Tylenol Sinus Headache turn this into a Savored Saturday…let’s wait and see.